Saturday, 3 August 2013

If it's good news then why I am so nervous

I had my interview on Tuesday, a day which was blessedly rainy and relatively cool.  I did get rather wet on the way up to London but I'd rather be wet than suffering heatstroke.  It went fine, they asked fairly standard questions and while some of my answers could have been better, on the whole I didn't feel I'd really put my foot into anything.  I treated myself to sushi and a Krispy Kreme donut in Victoria station afterwards as a reward.

I didn't hear anything until Thursday, when they rang to offer me the job! However, the 'competitive' but unspecified salary turned out to be anything but  - it was even lower than what I was being paid when I worked in the charity sector.  So after doing a bunch of sums for what my train fare was going to cost, I wrote a very polite email turning it down, explaining why, and saying what I thought my minimum salary would have to be for it to be financially viable.

They called back Friday afternoon and agreed to match my minimum figure, so I pretty much had to say 'yes'.  On the one hand it's really good news, I need a job, and the very best thing about this is that it is three days a week so I will have a four day weekend for crafting and real life.  The commute from our current home is fairly easy, and the company and job title will look good on my CV. On the other hand, by the time I start in September I will have been out of work six months and I just hope I can justify my higher salary in their eyes.  I feel quite nervous about the whole idea and having to get on with new people and learn the ways of a new company.  At least it's not for a month so I get the rest of the summer off still.  I expect I will get used to the idea.

I finished my Topdown Icelandic Sweater early in the week, and was actually able to wear it out Tuesday morning in the rain, very unexpected when it had been in the 30s over the weekend. Due to being unhappy with the original pattern’s baggy fit, I had to do a fair bit of work with this sweater to adapt it to my desired fit. I’m fairly satisfied with the end result. It’s very comfortable. I can see from the photos that there is likely a little too much negative ease across the bust, and perhaps I should have put in another increase for the hips as it is creasing a bit across the back. The armholes from the back look a bit tight although I think they look fine from the front. The yarn worked fairly well with the design although I can see in the photos that it is already creasing a bit in the elbow as I suppose it doesn’t have as much memory as a pure wool. I’m not that thrilled with the loop closure, it means there is some gaping and I think I might have liked it better with normal bands. The one thing I really wished I had changed was that the original cast on for the neck seemed really tight, and the end result is indeed a neckline that I feel is too high and constraining. I thought it might be alright as the neckline sits open above the top loop, but I still feel like it is poking into me. The edge is fairly stiff due to the tight crochet and the additional bulk of the grosgrain ribbon, so it is a relatively stiff corner poking into my neck. But all in all, I’m fairly pleased with this jumper and I think it will be one that I will wear.

After I finished the Icelandic cardigan, I had a ball of white Drops Nepal left over and almost two full balls of turquoise.  I felt like using it up right away, so I dug around in my pattern stash to find "Organic Cotton Booties" by Bernat, "Cabled Baby Hats" by Julie Hentz, and "Simple Hat with eyelets" by Katherine Vaughan, all of which were in my Knitting Pattern a Day calendars in past years.  The booties are adorable.  I omitted the eyelets on the simple hat and threw in a few rows of contrast garter stitch.  On the Cabled Baby Hat it all got very confusing until I eventually worked out that I was reading the chart for the version which alternated cables with plain columns while looking at the picture of the version which cabled both columns.  So I've ended up with a weird hybrid but I expect the eventual baby owner won't care.

I felt like doing some sewing this week.  I started small, digging out a kit for a coin purse that I bought at Skipnorth from Lixie.  The kit has everything you need to make the purse:  frame, glue, felt interlining, inner and outer fabric, and a pattern and instructions.  I substituted my own fabric as the supplied fabric isn't really my taste, but otherwise I followed the directions.  The felt gives the purse a nice body.  I had a bit of trouble gluing the fabric into the frame neatly but overall I'm pleased with the result. (Tip: the glue wipes off the metal easily with a nail polish remover pad).  It was a fairly quick project and quite pleasing.  These would be good to make for a craft fair table, you can get purse frames fairly cheaply on eBay I think.

As we have once again had a week with no viewings, yesterday I got a bit more ambitious and brought in the folding card tables from the shed and set up to work a bit on my Stack and Whack Sarah's Stars quilt.  It's not the most ergonomic set up in the world, but at least I am sewing.

I finished the nine main hexagons, and now I am working on the mini hexagon triangles that fill the spaces in between. I love the amazing patterns you get with Stack and Whack when you've started with the right kind of fabric print.

And that's about it this week.  I have added a few increments to other projects:  the petit-point bell pull has seven acanthus leaves now (out of ten), the latchhook rug is just over halfway, I'm just finishing my fourth repeat (of five) for my Morioka square for my GAAA afghan, and I'm knitting the seed stitch band for my Yukimi hat.

On the house front, after two weeks with no viewings at all, I have now given notice to our estate agent to terminate their sole agency contract.  In another two weeks, we are bringing on a second agent who are a larger, more aggressive operation.  So hopefully having two agents will stir things up a bit and get some more viewings in.  There is one couple who have said they want to buy ours, but they haven't sold theirs yet  The longer we go without viewings, the harder it is to keep the house looking good.  But at least the rain we've been having lately has kept the new turf alive and it's starting to look fairly good now.

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Mairead Hardy said...

Congratulations on getting the job! They must want you to increase the salary so readily, and I'm sure once you start you'll be fine. All your projects are coming along nicely - I love the baby booties!

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