Sunday, 18 August 2013

My son is going to Oxford!!!!

We took DS to school on Thursday morning to collect his A-level results (national exams that determine if you get into university).  I felt pretty confident that he would do well, but he outdid even my expectations with three A*s and a D3 (A equivalent).  So he has more than met the requirements of his Oxford offer and he is now Oxford bound.  He's very pleased and the family are thrilled - m-i-l burst into tears on the telephone and welled up again when she came to visit today.  We are all very proud of him.

Oxford was very quick off the mark and the very next day we got a fat packet of paperwork that took us about 2.5 hours to fill out.  DH and I are both a bit jealous reading about the many events planned during Freshers' week, and all the dinners and balls to come.  We have to buy him a Black Tie (!) outfit to wear to those, plus visit Oxford and buy him the gown, tie and mortarboard outfit that they have to wear for formal events.

It's particularly special for me when I think that I grew up on the west coast of Canada, never dreaming that I would ever even live in another country, and now my son is going to attend one of the world's oldest and most prestigious universities. Judging by my brother's children, it is now much more usual for Canadian youth to travel abroad, but when I was growing up it was quite a big deal just to telephone long distance to the United States and I don't think I even knew anyone who had been to Europe - apart from my father who had been dragged there by his parents as a teenager and hated it.

This is going to sound like a pushy mother which I don't think I am, but I also feel a bit vindicated. I knew from before DS was five that he had the potential to go far.  We championed the benefits of school choices we made,  and subject choices that DS made, defending those against family criticism and scepticism for years, and daring to utter the word 'Oxbridge' from very early on.  Many of DH's family never went to college at all, so it wasn't seen as normal behaviour for a nine year old to be studying Latin and preferring to read a book quietly in a corner rather than play football outside. But it's all paid off now and DS will have the best possible start to his adult life.

Meanwhile I have continued to lose large chunks of my life to playing Skyrim: the Elder Scrolls.  I've made it to Level 17 now and have explored much more of the map.  It is just an amazing game, although it feels more like exploring a strange land rather than playing a game.  Apart from the fact that you regularly get attacked by bandits, wolves or even dragons as you journey along.

I did finish the Carol Adams square of the GAA Afghan.  It was a pretty easy knit.  The black thread is stitched on to remind me which is the right side as the right/wrong sides are nearly identical.  I've knit six squares now - 14 to go.

I've even done a bit of dollshousing:  cutting out and assembling some printies that came in a magazine.

I found these really fiddly.  I'm not too bad at the square boxes and folios, but I can't cut a smooth circle for the hat boxes to save my life. There should have been more hatboxes, I had to discard three failed attempts. Also, my prescription seems to have changed again and I found even looking through the 'reading' portion of my bifocals, it was still a bit fuzzy trying to see exactly where the fold lines were.

I've started another new cardigan, it's a short sleeve drapey cardigan from a King Cole patter 3751, in their 'Opium' yarn which is a thick and thin slubby yarn.  I'm just hoping I have enough yarn.  I have three balls which is what the pattern specifies but I'm into my second ball already and I've only just reached the armholes on the back.

Not much happening on the house front, apart from the #?!x@ estate agent telephoning me at 2pm on Wednesday to say "Oh, I forgot to tell you but your buyers want to come round today at 4pm to measure up".  It turned out they had called him on Monday but he never told me.  Very luckily I had already hoovered that morning and started to tidy up, after feeling guilty that the house was heading downhill.  I ran around like a purposeful maniac for two hours and DS helped, so by the time they arrived it all looked pretty ok.  Just as well as they stayed for over an hour, and brought family members with them to look at the house.  But they still seem really happy with it so fingers crossed that the chain holds together.


Mairead Hardy said...

Congratulations to your son! I can understand how proud you must be of him. Good to hear your buyers are still keen on the house!

Teresa said...

Congratulations to your son and many wishes for much success at Oxford. Best wishes to you and your husband as you enjoy his accomplishments and watch as he achieves his dreams. Job well done I say to you!

Daisy said...

HOORAY, great news that his (and your!) hard work has paid off. I hope he has a fantastic time.

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