Sunday, 8 September 2013

Favourite words of the past week: "see you next Wednesday!"

Yes, I had the immense joy of wishing my new colleagues a good weekend and uttering my new favourite words: "see you next Wednesday!"   I am so happy that I'm not going to work tomorrow, or the day after, and yet I am still earning a pay cheque.  The concept of earning money just for sitting around in boring meetings or performing relatively menial tasks at a desk is also still delighting me, after six months of not getting paid anything.

The new job is ok.  It's a bit chaotic, and it's been a bit hard to work out what my 'job' is supposed to be because they don't have a lot of systems in place, but I'm getting there.  It was hard work, two really long days and working through my lunch on the third day, but I'm slowly picking things up and starting to contribute.  My new colleagues are all really nice, just frantically busy.  I've a long list of things I'm supposed to read but no time to actually do that or even find where they are on the system.  The actual job seems a bit lower-level than I've had in the recent past, but I'm getting paid a good rate and I'm only working three days, so I'm not complaining.  During the most boring meetings I was doing mental arithmetic to work out how much I was earning for the time that I was sitting there, hugely delightful compared to the answer being 'zero' over the last few months of sitting around the livingroom.

On the train commutes I was knitting on my Lacy Sock and am most of the way down the leg now.

At home I've been knitting on the King Cole cardigan in Opium yarn.  The extra balls I ordered turned up and they are a pretty good match.  I was just able to finish the second front out of my original three balls.  I'm using the new balls for the sleeves so if there is any colour difference, it will be disguised.  I knit the first sleeve when we drove up to Oxford yesterday, and I knit half of the second sleeve while I was walking on the treadmill this morning.

I spent my first week's earnings and then some on kitting out my son yesterday in Oxford with his undergraduate robes, mortar board, and white bow tie, plus a black tie suit and dress shirt for formal functions.  He wasn't that thrilled at having to try it all on, but he looked very mature and smart in them. I expect he will feel better about it once he is surrounded by loads of other students wearing the same thing.

And that's pretty much it.  I was so exhausted after my long working days that I wasn't even playing Skyrim, much less doing much crafting.  I'm conscious looking back over my posts that my craft pictures have been pretty scarce lately, but it's just a strange time in my life with the house on the market etc.  Hopefully well before the end of the year we will be in the new house and life can start getting back to normal.

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Daisy said...

Glad it went OK!

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