Saturday, 28 September 2013

Stupid cold

The season has definitely changed, and there is the usual spate of seasonal germs making the rounds.  I now have a head cold which is not helping at a time when we are losing the will to live on the house-selling front.  We found out that our buyers had lost their buyers, and although they found new buyers right away, it sets the whole process back by an unspecified number of weeks as the new buyers start from scratch with mortgages, surveys and valuations.  It's beginning to feel like we may never move. Meanwhile we are getting heartily sick of 'camping' in our house doing without so many things that are packed away.

The next milestone is getting DS packed up and off to university.  I think once he's gone we will sell his bed and wardrobe because we don't want to move them to the next house.  If we are still here by the time his term is finished, he can sleep on his mattress on the floor which I don't think he will mind.

I finished knitting the yoke on my Harvest Moon cardigan.  It's easier to knit now that I am using the Knit Pro acrylic tips I bought on the yarn crawl last weekend.  They are a bit blunter and don't split the Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran yarn as much as the metal tips I was using.  I've now divided for the sleeves and have started knitting the body.

And I ordered four skeins of Spindrift from Jamieson & Smith yarns which I will use to knit the Winterland mittens by Wenche Roald. They are a cute fair isle pattern of a winter scene against a deep blue sky.

I can do a product review on The Gleener, which is a de-pilling gadget that I heard about on various podcasts last year when it launched.  When I got out my London yoke cardigan to start wearing it again, I found the soft yarn had pilled a lot especially under the arms, making it look a bit grubby.  I used to have one of those battery operator 'shaver' type de pillers, which never worked that well and had eventually died.  I decided that I have so many hand knits now that it was worth investing in something better for maintaining them.  I remembered The Gleener and looked it up online.  It turned out to be cheaper to order it here in the UK for £19.99 from QVC than direct from the American supplier.

For the money, you get a well made double-ended handle which comes in a drawstring pouch with simple instructions.  One end of the handle has a lint brush, and the other end can clip on to one of three heads.  The heads are for fine, medium, and coarse fabrics/pills.  I think the medium will do almost all of my knits.  I tried it out on my London cardigan and found it effective and easy to use.  You just drag the head along the knit, it's sort of bumpy like sandpaper and it hooks immediately onto all of the pills and pulls them off.  Then you can use the lint brush end to tidy up any loose fuzz.  It worked really well, it didn't feel like there was any risk of damaging the knit because there are no blades, and the cardigan looks much better now.

I had a finish this week - I finally finished my rectangular version of the Shaelyn Shawl.  I knit mine in Chickadee, which I wasn't that impressed with but it has softened with washing a few times.  I knit it from the middle out in both directions until I ran out of yarn.  Then I just repeated the lace pattern to make an edging at both ends, using two strands of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn held together.  It's about 29 inches wide but not sure how long it is, but it's a useful size.

Other than that, not much to report except that I am now Level 50 in Skyrim (the video game I have become hooked on).  I am now Thane of Winterrun, Winterhold and Dawnstar; Arch Mage; head of the Thieves Guild; a Companion; a Bard; a Werewolf; a Legionnaire and I've finally managed to exceed the armour cap (my armour rating is 867 I think).  I'm still really enjoying it, and it's a nice pastime during a period where I don't have a sewing room or a knitting machine shed anymore. Once DS is off at uni then I won't have to compete with him for time on the game, which may be a bad thing...

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Daisy said...

Isn't he taking the game with him to uni?!

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