Saturday, 14 September 2013

Suddenly autumn

The weather has turned quite dramatically and suddenly.  My first day at work last week was 29 degrees and I was sweltering in my interview suit.  The second day was 30 degrees and having sussed out the local dress culture, I was relieved to dress more informally and coolly.

This week it was only 22 degrees C on Wednesday, then started raining on Thursday and hasn't really stopped since.  I even wore a knitted hat for the first time today, and my fingerless mitts (but then I am a big wuss).  It's chilly enough in the house in the mornings that I've even considered putting the heating on but we are still holding out and putting on extra jumpers.

The last of the apples are falling off the apple tree but of course are now wet and muddy so I have to wash them when I bring them in, then let them dry on a tea towel before I store them in the fridge.  We're still having a big apple pie every couple of days which isn't doing my waistline any favours.

My second week at work was fine, I feel like I know what I'm doing a bit more.  It's not a terribly exciting job so far but I'm not going to judge it until I've been in it for a while.  Still loving the whole three day a week thing too.

I thought I had better get some pictures in here before I lose all my readers, so I snapped a few projects in progress.

This is my King Cole Opium cardigan - this is one of the fronts.  As you can see it's a very slubby yarn.  I've now knit all the main pieces but I want to block it before I start seaming it together and knitting the bands.  Hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow, although it's not going to dry very quickly in this damp weather.

This is the next square for my GAA Afghan, I can't actually remember what the name is.  The knitting is easy, it's keeping track of the four different charts which I am finding difficult.  I'm using Goodreader on the iPad, and have put all four charts onto one page.

This is the start of my Harvest Moon cardigan in Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran  which I am finding a bit splitty.  I have knit the garter short rowed yoke, and have picked up all around it to start knitting the cardigan top down.  The yoke has a knitted on i-cord edging which gives quite a neat finish even with my tension.

I have done some stitching on my Hawaiiann applique quilt but it has just vanished into the ocean of stitching waiting to be done.  This week I went as far as getting my sewing machine out of the closet thinking I would work on my Sarah's Stars Stack and Whack, but that's as far as it went.  And a few dollshouse kits turned up in the post.  I briefly considered making them, but as everything I would need is either packed or hidden inaccessibly in a closet, I abandoned the idea.  Sigh.  I don't think I'm going to Miniatura either because there is no point, plus I should save money for the move.

However next weekend I am joining the The Great London Yarn Crawl which hopefully will be fun.  I want to get some lace yarn for the Halloween Mystery Knit Along that I have signed up for on Ravelry, although I am not ruling out other purchases finding their way into my knapsack!

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