Saturday, 5 October 2013

Is this the world's stupidest system for buying houses?

Having spent weeks on our planned house purchase, around £1,500-£2,000 on survey and legal fees, many hours deciding how we will live there as well as talking to professionals and planners about it, and even purchasing a suite of secondhand conservatory furniture that would look nice in the new conservatory, our purchase has abruptly fallen through.

I got a phone call from their estate agent on Friday night, to tell me that the vendors had decided to cancel the sale.  The stupid system in this country allows everyone to change their mind right up to the moment of handing over the keys.  Purportedly they have pulled out because they were so shocked that we asked for a reduction in price after our surveyor found various defects to their property and valued it at a lower price than we had offered.  I think what's really happened is that their nose is out of joint to read all the faults he found in their beloved home, and also I suspect that they did actually get the builder's quote I requested to price the repairs needed.  They were saying the repairs would only be a few thousand, I bet the quote was nearer to the surveyor's estimate of £10-15,000 and the vendors didn't want to risk showing the quote to us in case we dropped our price even more.

So we are in a position now where we still have buyers for our house (touch wood) but nowhere to move to.  I suppose we will have to move into rented accommodation now, not the nicest thing to look forward to for Christmas.  It also means that it will be even longer before I finally get back all my stuff like my dollhouses, or until I have a sewing room again.

I've had a cold all week, which has now settled into my sinuses.  So I've been feeling a bit stupid and slow.  I did achieve my ultimate working goal on Wednesday of being paid to knit on the job, when I had to travel to Nottingham to help out with a business conference.  It was a three hour trip each way, so lots of knitting time on the train plus I had about an hour to kill at the venue before everyone else got there.  I managed most of an extra repeat on my Featherduster shawl in Debbie Bliss Angel Print.

The rest of my knitting time this week has mainly been on the first clue of the Boo Knits Morticia mystery shawl knitalong.  I am knitting my shawl in Fyberspates Scrumptious lace with crystal beads.  The first clue took about three evenings and was fairly straight forward.  There are four clues altogether, released each Monday throughout October.

I've also knit another inch or so onto my Harvest Moon cardigan, and I'm almost finished the Mcintyre square for the GAA Afghan.

Today was packing day for DS, who is off to university for the first time on Monday.  He started off fairly cocky, fondly tolerating my help but obviously feeling that I wasn't particularly necessary and that the whole job would only take 30 minutes or so.  About an hour later, as I moved on to the 101st thing that he hadn't even considered he would need, the gratitude was more evident.  We've managed to shoe horn all his stuff (including bedding, towels, black tie suit, wargaming equipment etc.) into three large suitcases and various smaller bags.  I'm already feeling 'empty nest' anxiety but I'm also excited for him.


diegoagogo said...

Oh what a damn shame!! I too think this system is ridiculous. In Australia, where I am from, you see a house you make an offer, it's accepted, you buy it. Done. None of this chain nonsense.
I hope you get a good resolution & soon.
Lush x

Katie Flanagan said...

Good luck to the DS! What a shame about the house.

Sarah Nopp said...

Sorry your new home purchase is being such a bear. :( I was a real estate agent for 10 years in the US, so it is interesting to hear about the different processes. But I do not miss those conversations.

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