Saturday, 26 October 2013

Not much to report

So little has happened this week that DH actually had to remind me that it was blogging day.  When I look back at some of my older posts, full of photos of all the crafts I had managed to get up to each week, I feel sad.  Now all I am doing really is knitting and living out the tedium of the British house marketing process.

No photos this week.  The only things I've worked on are the Featherduster Shawl, which I actually worked on at the office during my lunch hour.  Nobody arrested me for non-professional activity, and a couple of colleagues (including my boss) actually came to sit with me to eat their lunch and I knitted while we chatted.

And the Morticia Mystery Shawl Knit Along - we now have Clue 4 so in theory we are all finishing the shawl ready to unveil on Halloween.  I don't know if I'll make it, I haven't worked on it much yet and I'm only about halfway through the final chart.  The bind off is going to be a bit of a pig, it's long crocheted loops in a sort of extended picot bindoff with beads.  Given the length of the shawl - I'm doing the small size and it's still about five feet long I think - it seems unlikely that I will get it done by Thursday AND blocked out ready to wear.  But I will soldier on and see how I do.

We mustered our dwindling optimism and did some more packing today:  packing up things like the tool shed so they will be ready for the hypothetical moving van.  I seemed to have managed to accumulate a fair amount of yarn again since packing most of my stash months ago, so I need to pack all that up as well.

Our cat isn't very well, I've made a vet appointment for her on Monday.  She's fairly elderly at c. 14 years old, and has had kidney disease for a few years although it is stable.  But she has lost a huge amount of weight recently, she's like a cat skeleton with a fur coating so stroking her is very odd as you can feel every bump in her spine.  I can actually gently pinch her sides behind her rib cage and my fingers almost meet in the middle - yuk. Her behaviour has changed as well and she doesn't seem very comfortable.  I hate this stage in cats, you know they aren't very happy but on the other hand they don't like going to the vet and the vet is just going to do things to them that are uncomfortable like blood tests.  With a couple of previous cats we've become stuck in a cycle of endless vet visits with the vet dangling the hope that yet one more expensive test or treatment will fix what's wrong and eventually you realise that really the cat is miserable and you should have pulled the plug a long time ago.  I don't want to get stuck in that cycle again with this cat but it's hard to play God and decide when her time has come.  I'll see what the vet says on Monday.

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