Sunday, 20 October 2013

The illusion of movement

This week we have had the illusion of movement on our housing saga. After weeks with nothing happening, some small changes have crept in which makes it feel like at last something may be happening at some point before we die of old age.

Some belated enquiries came through from the buyers' solicitors which require me to make a trip to the Council next week to try to find some documents from 10 years ago when our house was built - why they couldn't have sent through these several weeks ago I don't know. Also the buyers told us that their buyers, should they decide to proceed, want to move within four weeks.  So suddenly we might be moving in four weeks but who knows.

We spent today packing up my son's room now that he has gone off to uni.  We dismantled his bed and wardrobe after boxing up the remainder of his possessions.  I've listed the bed for sale on Preloved but I gave the wardrobe away on Freecycle.  To my horror, the big man who came to collect it came in the house with disgustingly muddy shoes (apparently he visited a farm before coming to us) and not only tracked it into the house across the hallway, but also ruined several stair treads of our new carpet before my shrieking penetrated to his brain and he stopped moving.  He was banished outside while DH brought down the wardrobe pieces, and after he left I went over the stairs with carpet shampoo.  That took out the black smelly gooey foot prints but has left its own lighter spots - gaaah.  To give him credit, the man was very embarrassed.

Yesterday was my guild meeting and I took along my Hawiian applique quilt and continued stitching down the design.  I enjoyed doing some sewing again.  It might be my last meeting if we do end up moving in four weeks, so it was sad to say good bye to all my friends there.  On the other hand, I might very well be at the next meeting - who knows.

Crappy past week at work, we've been landed with a lot of output from various employee forum events, including feedback forms and workbooks that needed typing up, and audio recordings of Q&A sessions to transcribe.  Anywhere I've worked before would get a temp into to do that, but my manager decided that my colleague and I should do it.  Three days of copy typing really wrecked my weak right wrist, so I've had to cut down on the knitting etc. this weekend while it calms down.

I have done some knitting on Clue 3 of the Morticia Mystery Knit Along.  After the glories of the Hobbit knit along, this one is a bit dull as there are no stories to go with the clues and the three clues so far have basically all been the same pattern of diamonds.  Clue 4, the final clue, comes out on Tuesday and will be the edging which apparently is heavily beaded.

I had a finish this week of my Halloween Pumpkin, based on a free pattern on Ravelry which had quite a few errors in it.  This is knit in Rowan Tweed, which I found a bit scratchy to knit with but the colour is great for a pumpkin.  It's about six inches wide. So far this is my only Halloween decoration, normally I would have a lot more up but everything is, of course, packed away.

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versavisa said...

Last time I sold a house one of our viewers managed to track dog poo all through the house before anyone noticed.

She was very embarrassed and as I cleaned up afterwards I thought 'we'll, that's the last we'll of them'.

But strangely enough they actually bought the house. I've often wondered if they felt they had to!

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