Saturday, 9 November 2013

I've done all I can

[ for those readers sick to the teeth of hearing about our house move, skip to the third paragraph now ]   This week we scrubbed up the house almost back to show standards because the buyers were coming over today for one last look at it.  Or at least for what I hope is their last look.  We are now at the point where we either exchange contracts in the next week or so, for a move date at the end of the month, or it all falls apart again.  I've done all I can, I've obtained every bit of paper asked for, I've negotiated with removal firms, I've packed almost everything non-essential, we are running down our tinned goods and frozen food, I've got holiday saved up to take from work, and we're keeping our weekends free for rental-house-hunting.  It's now in the lap of the gods and I am trying hard not to be completely stressed out by it all.  Hollow laugh when I look back to June when I thought we would be all moved and settled in to our new place by September.

I've been boxing up my fabric stash (which is so big that I've run out of boxes) as I've decided it's all going into storage, along with my two main sewing machines.  I'll keep out my Singer Featherweight and a few bagged up projects, and my thread cabinet, iron, rotary cutter etc.  Everything else will go away for six months as I just don't think we are going to have room in a rental house.  My yarn stash is less of an issue, it's much easier to buy more yarn.  I will keep out my immediate projects, my needles and tools, and perhaps a few 'kits' I've got bagged up.  If I run out I will just have to buy more  :)

Having finished the Morticia shawl knit-along, I needed another commuting project.  So I've started a pair of vanilla socks using the Schoppel-Wolle Flying Saucer sock yarn I bought recently.  The yarn is dyed specifically to make a sort of Op-Art pattern when knitted up, and to make two identical socks.  Therefore it is wound as a double strand into a reel.  You are supposed to wind it off into two balls before you knit it.  I decided life is too short plus that wouldn't be as portable, so I decided to have a try at knitting two socks at once on one circular needle.  I had tried this once before from a book but found the instructions ridiculously complicated.  This time I just decided to wing it, and with a little fumbling managed to transfer my Twisted German cast-on from a dpn onto a circular and get knitting.  I was having problems with ladders between needles to begin with but it's going alright now.
The only thing is that I'm not sure yet if I'm going to get the flying saucer pattern at my gauge.  I have belatedly discovered teeny-tiny instructions on the inside of the label for knitting socks at an optimum gauge for the pattern to emerge, not sure if mine is going to work or not.  We'll see.

This week I had another finish which was at long last my Featherduster Shawl in Debbie Bliss Angel Print.  This was actually my second go at it - the first try achieved five repeats then I fell for a sad story from a work colleague about her friend with cancer so that one went off to the friend.  I started again and achieved six repeats which was supposed to be the finished size.  I even blocked it but when I tried it on it just seemed too short and didn't cover my arms.  I still had some yarn left from an extra skein I had bought so I unpicked the cast-off and put it back on the needles.  I managed to knit another repeat and a half so it's a better size now.  The new yarn, although the same colourway, had more white 'fuzz' in it so looks lighter.  This time when I cast off, I added some of the blue beads I had left over from the Hobbit shawl I knit a while ago.  They look nice and give some welcome weight to this very wispy shawl.  The end result is very glossy and soft and surprisingly warm.  I wore it to work on Friday over a dark purple knit top and it looked nice.

I looked for a simple beaded cast off but couldn't find one so just made one up.  This shawl is cast off by knitting so you have two stitches on the right needle, then knitting those two stitches together through the back (like an SSK).  Every second time that I had a single stitch on the right needle, I added a bead to it using the crochet hook method.  When I came to the point of the triangle, I did three beads in a row without skipping a stitch.

I had a moment of panic this week but Ravelry solved the problem.  I've been working on the body of my Harvest Moon cardigan. I reached into my bag for another ball of yarn to join on, and discovered that was ball 9 of the 10 balls in the packet, and this without even having knit the sleeves.  I knew the yarn came from the John Lewis sale so was likely discontinued, so I was kicking myself for starting a project that I didn't have enough yarn for.  I was even about to go online to see if I could hunt down more of it, when it occurred to me to check Ravelry to see what my Stash records said.  They said I actually had 20 balls of it, which meant there was another packet of 10 (yay!) but where was it? (boo).  A bit of digging around in the knitting shed turned up the second packet which had been packed into a box.  Panic over and knitting resumes.

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diegoagogo said...

Fingers crossed for the sale to complete.

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