Sunday, 24 November 2013

Still here

This has been one of the most stressful weeks of my post-education life.  I won't go on and on about it as I am sure everyone is sick to the teeth of this stupid move - I know I am.  Suffice it to say that we STILL haven't exchanged contracts and have now missed the deadline to book a remover for the end of the month.  As of Friday night it's unclear whether the chain is still intact, I'm getting confusing stories from different people.  The buyers' solicitors have kept us waiting the last two weeks, so I've spent every day fruitlessly watching my phone and email for news - usually they either haven't done anything or they've gone off on yet another timewasting tangent. The latest one is that they want us to sign a statutory declaration in front of a solicitor (so has to be a week day so we both have to take more time off work) which they haven't even provided to us yet, so more delays. DH's boss is getting rather shirty about the uncertainty and changes in dates, luckily mine is more flexible.

When we still thought we were moving next week, I booked viewings on all the suitable rental properties on the market (not many at this time of year).  We kept those appointments and drove up to view a fairly lacklustre assortment but weren't able to complete any paperwork since we don't have a move date.  DH is so stressed by it all that he just wants to call off the whole thing.  I've been trying really hard to keep everyone communicating and keep the chain moving but even I have now lost hope.I'm pretty sure it's all going to collapse and the buyer at the bottom of the chain will rightfully give up in disgust and go somewhere else and I don't blame him.  I wish we could.  I've given our buyer a deadline of next Friday to exchange contracts for a move the following week, otherwise we are going back onto the market at the end of the month. We've been waiting three months for them and have lost all faith in both them and their solicitors.

Meanwhile I've been having to go back to our remover every couple of days to ask for different quotes depending on whether I thought we were going into rented, or into a hotel etc.  I decided to just go ahead and get them to take the stuff going into long-term storage this coming week.  We don't need most of it to dress the house for viewings, and it will get one big messy dirty job over and done with which will make it easier when we finally move out.  Plus we already had the time booked off work thinking we were going to move.

So this weekend we brought down everything from the attic and stacked it up in my bedroom - we had to dissassemble my bed and there's just room for my mattress on the floor in the corner.  The stack goes almost to the ceiling, including 17 boxes of fabric stash.  Today I went around the house and boxed up everything else that we won't take to rented accommodation, which includes the yarn stash I have managed to accumulate over the past six months.   It's going to be a busy week as the removers will come mid-week to collect all of that, and all the stuff in my knitting shed, and all the stuff in our self-store unit.  Then we've got a few nights to put the house to rights and clean it all back up to market standard so that hopefully we will be ready for viewers next weekend.  Meanwhile I will have to get the agent geared up to re-market us, plus I will bring in a second agent this time to help attract more viewings.  It's the wrong time of year to be marketing a house but maybe we will be lucky and attract someone who is hopefully chain free, and then move early in the new year.  Who knows.

It's not all bad, I suppose.  It will mean one more Christmas in this house, and DS will be happier because he will still have fast broadband and familiar surroundings when he comes home from university.  It will certainly make life easier when it comes to Christmas shopping and sending Christmas cards, which was all going to get lost in the shuffle otherwise.

I've been thankful this week to have some no-brainer knitting on my Harvest Moon Cardigan, although my never-very-consistent tension has been up and down like a yo-yo with all the stress.  I've now finished the knitting, which means the cardi is finished as it is top down.  I've left the sleeves slightly short and I'm not darning the ends in, just in case it all stretches when I wash it.  At the moment it still looks like a curling, wavy rag but hopefully once it's blocked then it will all flatten out.  I found a matching button at the haberdashery store when we were looking at rented houses (we were on a lunch break).  I can't block it yet because it will probably take a few days to dry and I don't want the removers walking on it.

I also made a start on the Winterland Mittens by Wendy Roald, which have a lovely snowy scene on the back of the hand, and a geometric pattern on the palm.  I'm knitting these in Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper weight in blue and white.  I'm going to try modifying the pattern to make these into convertible mittens.  This picture shows the corrugated ribbing and the start of the thumb gusset.

When I got a bit sick of knitting (!)  I did a bit more stitching on my Hawaiian applique quilt, and hooked a few rows on the Baltimore Album hooked rug kit which is now over halfway.

The only other crafty thing I did this week was to re-block my Holden Shawl. Of all my shawls, it's the one I wear most often as it is an attractive yet neutral colour, and in soft-to-the-skin Malabrigo sock yarn.  It's a couple of years old and I had washed it before, but the blocking had all vanished and the lace had contracted into a sort of raggy edge.  So I gave it a good soaking and re-pinned it out to shape - suddenly it's much bigger!


swooze said...

I have thought of selling my house but this is why I don't. The hassle!

diegoagogo said...

OMG! you poor thing!! This house thing has gone way beyond ridiculous. If all else fails, I have 3 B&B rooms in my house & a sewing room!!

Sue said...

Keep the prize in mind. Hopefully the end result will be worth all this craziness. It's never an easy process, is it?

Daisy said...

Fingers crossed it all came together this week...

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