Saturday, 29 March 2014

Retail therapy

I've been feeling a bit stressed lately and have been overcompensating with retail therapy.  Previously I would have comforted myself with food, but since I'm still on a diet (12 pounds lost) I'm trying not to do that.  An elderly friend is poorly in hospital and DH has to have a blood test next week to check if he's got something serious, and DS is home which while lovely is disrupting our routine (and our diet).

Work has been astonishingly tedious lately which again gives me too much time surfing the retail opportunities on the internet. This has resulted in two new quilting books, two new Fimo books, a set of ergonomic crochet hooks (because I tried some at the Skipnorth Retreat and they felt so much better), a new suitcase with a fun print of fishermen's cottages on it, a purse frame that I'm going to make a knitting bag out of using the fabric I bought last weekend, a bid ongoing on eBay against an antique bookcase, and several pieces of bargain Bespaq dollshouse furniture.  The postman is probably wondering why there are parcels every day to my address.  Notice there are no clothes or shoes in this list - I have priorities.

Today DH wanted to go to Birmingham to visit a model shop and I had a ticket for Miniatura, which is pretty much the best dollshouse and miniatures show.  So he dropped me off and headed into Birmingham.  Due to my disarranged (deranged?) state of mind, I found it hard to settle at the show but I enjoyed looking and did pick up some things there.

My first stop was Model Village Miniatures, who are sadly giving up making their wonderfully affordable furniture and accessory kits.  I used several of their kits when I built my Fairfield, so I took advantage of show prices to stock up on several more kits that I might find useful in future.  Then I went along to Petite Properties to look at their latest kits including a new French mansion which might be a future purchase.  Then I visited Sally Meekin to add to my collection of 1:12 scale architectural teapots.  This year she had a cute little windmill that came home with me.

I was on the lookout for cheap platters, plates and pie dishes to accommodate my growing collection of Fimo food, and found various bits on stalls.

I took a free workshop making parsnips from Fimo from the British Polymer Guild which I enjoyed and I learned some new things. They even baked them for us and we got to bring the excess clay home so I can make more at home.

I found this fabulous knitted outfit whichwhen I took it out of the packet even has a matching hat, to put in my knitting shop.  It was only £8!!  How can they possibly do all of this incredibly skilful and timeconsuming work and only charge £8?  The mind boggles.

On the way there and back, I started knitting DH a fingerless glove out of some lovely soft grey wool I picked up in the p/hop swap last weekend.  I think the yarn might even have some silk or alpaca in it, it is so lovely and soft but I don't know as there is no ball band label. I finished the glove when we got home but still need to darn the ends in. It seemed to knit up so fast in DK weight, I'm used to knitting gloves in sock yarn which take a lot longer.  The pattern is from Ann Budd's Handy book of Knitting Patterns.

Fimo this week was tackling the bacon, pork chop and lamb chop chapter in the Angie Scarr book.  Unfortunately the directions weren't very clear and I'm not that pleased with my attempts.  One of the Fimo books I've ordered is her latest book which I expect will be better than this old first edition that I've got.

I knit a blue cowl out of the electric blue chenille I got in the p/hop swap.  It's lovely and soft, good for wearing around the house on a cold morning.

Otherwise this week, I've continued to dabble on various knitting UFOs including the Aran Sampler sweater, the Aran hat, my next GAAA block and the neverending lace border for my Haapsalu shawl.  My mess of UFOs takes up half the sofa but luckily my family are trained to avoid them.

Tomorrow is Mothering Sunday here in the UK and it's supposed to be a really nice day.  We are planning to visit a garden centre for tea and cake and are dragging DS with us since it's my special day.  Maybe we'll even make him come for a walk around the pretty village with us - Bwaa haa haa ha haaaaa.....

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