Sunday, 27 April 2014

Another week

DH was yelling up the stairs a few moments ago: "YOU HAVEN'T BLOGGED YET!". He likes to read it to find out what's really going on, since I tend to sneak various projects and supplies into the house when he's not home.  :)

There's not much to report this week. Communication with the solicitor has finally resumed, albeit haltingly, and it is looking increasingly likely that we might exchange contracts for the new house in mid-May and get our hands on the keys in early June.  Obviously we are very pleased and looking forward to getting going on the next stage of the move, but on the other hand I find myself curiously reluctant to move on.  I think it's because we have settled into a nice comfortable little rut here where I'm really leading a fairly lazy life.  Once the chips hit the fan then it's all going to get very stressful again with tons of stuff to organise; huge numbers of decisions to be made on redecorating, new furniture, expenditure; having to find trademen and get work done, etc. etc.  I know there is going to be conflict between wanting to do a lot of redecorating and re-jigging of the interiors at the same time as we need to fill them up with all our stuff currently in storage.  I foresee a lot of furniture moving in my future.

Meanwhile, here in La-la Land, I finished another square for my GAA Afghan.  This one is the Georgia Vincent square which is knit from the outside in.  It seemed to go really quickly, I think because the chart is a diminishing pie wedge so you feel like you are really making progress, as opposed to just knitting the same charts over and over until a square is big enough.

I've now started the Jay Campbell square which is knit the same way, from the outside in.  Also this week I have started knitting the Sirdar t-shirt in a horrible-to-knit giant loop textured pattern, and a thin scarf in horrible-to-knit-with but gorgeous boucle mohair/silk.

On the Fimo front, I got a bit bored with vegetables and decided to have a go at making things that I've seen in Youtube tutorials.  This is my version of hotdogs from a video by Sugarcharmshop.

And I also tried her pancake tutorial.  They are on homemade plates which didn't come out as well.

Today we were at Dunelm Mills (a homewares shop) and I found these cute ceramic button jars which I thought you might enjoy.  They were a good price: £3.99 for the small and £4.99 for the large.

We visited a few other furniture stores and enjoyed windowshopping for potential buys for our new house.  We have a lot of furniture to buy - partly because it is a bigger house but mainly because we have very little furniture.  The furniture we do have is mostly cheap end stuff from Ikea.  For the  new house we are planning to buy furniture made out of Real Wood!  Just like grown-ups have!

We also stopped into an Oxfam charity bookshop where I found this cute card which made me laugh.  I'm going to send it to a friend who also knits.


Mairead Hardy said...

That card has really made me laugh!

swooze said...

Great news on the house!

I am intrigued by knitting a square inside out. I guess it is in the round and continued decreases.

You were talking abou podcasts at one time. Ncheck out She mentions a gal in Canada that has 40 something.

Hugs and have a great week!

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