Saturday, 5 April 2014

Four months and counting

Suddenly it's April and we've been in our rented house for four months now.  Still no ETA on the new house but the owners have found somewhere and had a successful survey, and they tell me they are pushing to move by the end of May.  Frustratingly, our own solicitor who was an uber-efficient hero during our own protracted sale, has dropped off the radar and is not responding to email or phone messages for the last two months.  I did manage to speak to her two weeks ago and she said she's been crazy busy but would review our file, but since then no word.  I left two messages on Friday which she didn't return, I will try again next week.  I don't want to be the ones who hold up the chain because of a slow solicitor, it would just be too ironic after that happened to us before Christmas!

DH's blood test was negative which is a relief, but my elderly friend has been moved to a nursing home and isn't doing well at all which is very sad.  I took her a quilt when I visited, she doesn't really need it at this time of year but it brightens up the room and gives her something to look at. It's funny that we spend so long making these quilts - hours of choosing fabric and cutting it out, piecing it together, quilting it, binding it - storing up time like putting pennies in a piggy bank, not necessarily knowing how or when we are going to 'spend' the outcome.  When I was making the quilt a couple of years ago, I didn't know it would be coming with me to a completely new town, or end up being given to a friend who, at the time I was making it, was pretty healthy for her age.

On the train there and back, I finished DH's gloves.  He's quite pleased with them.  DS, who initially was not interested when I offered to make him a pair, has now realised they would keep his hands warm when he is playing video games in his cold college room, so he would like a pair too for next winter. I've still got plenty of this yarn (from the p/hop swap) so I will get started.

I did a bit more Fimo miniature food this week. I made up a bunch more parsnips and did a better job on the second batch than the ones I made at Miniatura.  I made some lemons, and some yellow and orange peppers.  I've also included in the picture some cheese boards I made a few weeks ago and forgot to blog.

The second day I made up some carrots using similar techniques to the parsnips, and some potatoes.  I'm getting a bit better at modelling in Fimo but it does make my fingers feel like huge clumsy sausages.  I spend as much time crushing detail accidentally as I do sculpting it in the first place.

I got fed up with my pile of knitting UFOs on the sofa because they were all getting tangled up with each other.  So I spent a couple of hours one morning going through the pile, bagging up all the projects (10 of them!), and also going through my backup pile hidden behind a door - putting away the dregs of old projects, putting needles back where they go etc.  It's a lot tidier than it all was but I have ordered some shoe bags with a clear vinyl lid from Amazon (they were cheap) because I want to be able to see what's in each bag.  Several projects are almost finished so it won't be 10 for long - the final clue is out for the Desolation of Smaug shawl, I've finished DH's gloves, I just need to do a button band for the Opium cardigan, and I've done all the knitting for the Haapsalu shawl and just need to sew on the borders.  Then I can start some of the projects waiting in the wings:  thrummed slippers, the Lush cardigan, and my next shawl!


swooze said...

Your fimo looks great! What are the carrot tops made of? Good job organizing the UFOs. Sounds like lots of close finishe s there. I am happy to see how productive you are.

Good luck with the home purchase. Such terrible service for a major purchase like that. Can you get someone else?

Daisy said...

Glad the blood test was fine. I love the fimo food - I think it looks great. Weird about the solicitor, she was so good with ours - hope you get an answer soon!

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