Sunday, 25 May 2014

Are you all as bored with this as I am?

Our house purchase still hasn't exchanged, after several days of mind-sapping emailed excuses and hold ups from the vendor and their solicitor. I feel so bored with the whole thing now that I am almost attracted by the idea of just pulling the plug and cancelling everything. I suppose that would be the definition of cutting off your nose to spite your face.  It just feels like it is never going to happen, and we have been waiting so long for these people to get their act together.

We have started packing stuff up in boxes anyway, trying to keep the faith.  I'm finding it really hard to choose things that I won't need for the next month, because we mainly brought essentials with us - all the non-essential stuff went into storage.  This week for example I packed my bag of toy stuffing thinking I wouldn't need it, and the next day a magazine turned up with a free kit to knit a teddybear (which needs stuffing).  Rather than excavate the stuffing from the pile of boxes in the garage, I'm just going to knit up the pieces and pack them as well, to be finished at some later date. And I've packed all my handknits because we have been going through a real warm spell the last week.

Last weekend we drove to a really fun Vintage Fair in Wellingborough. I was expecting a handful of stands but it turned out to be fairly big, with probably about 50 traders.  And they had loads of cool stuff, lots of hand-mades, shabby chic antiques, and local artists.  I bought several nice things which I didn't think of photographing before I packed them into boxes: some pretty chintz china plates, two mini knitted teddybears (one for me, one as a gift for a friend), a really unique mirror with a frame handmade in  a stained glass technique but incorporating everything from glass pebbles to vintage buttons all soldered together, some vintage linens, and the coolest thing of all: an antique Bakelite telephone handset, black and decorated in gilt a bit like an old Singer sewing machine, which has been refurbished to work as a modern telephone. That was in the antique shop which is always open at the venue, and I also bought a really pretty vintage hall table for the telephone to go on.  I can just picture this duo in the hallway at the new house - assuming we ever move in.

Sunday we went to Oxford to visit DS, the last chance to see him before he sits his final exams in a few weeks then comes home.  As well as a nice visit with him, we had a lovely time in this beautiful city.  It was really hot, so we spent some time in the afternoon relaxing in the pretty Botanic Gardens in a bend of the river, watching people punting past us.  It didn't look too hard, so the next day we thought we would have a go.  Well, it turned out to be a lot harder than it looked.  The pole is incredibly heavy, I didn't have the upper body strength to manage it so DH did all the punting while I helped steer from the front with a paddle.  We had a bit of a disastrous start (drifting backwards, hitting a bridge, drifting through the bridge and then hitting another rowboat!) but eventually got the hang of it enough to complete the route.  DH says he is never going punting again.  We liked being out on the water though, so next time we might try one of the punts that's been converted to a pedal boat.

DH in action

I finished knitting the Pop Baby Cardigan for my work colleague, I sewed some bought trim onto it to pep it up a bit.  I bought a pink gift box and made a nice ensemble out of the pink teddybear, the pink Mary Jane socks, the cardigan, and the Leaf lace hat that I made a while ago.  Hopefully she will appreciate the hand knits.

I also finished the Sirdar drop stitch t-shirt. It fits fine although I'm not entirely happy with the stitch texture as it just doesn't seem to want to lie flat even though I wet blocked it.  I'm going to hang it on a hanger for a while and see if it 'drops' a bit under gravity and straightens out a bit more. I modified the pattern to create a small scoop neck at the front instead of the original boat neck.  This was knit in Sirdar Breeze, a cotton/acrylic blend, which I rather like.  It's a nice yarn for summer which feels cool on the skin.

The next instalment of my bi-monthly knitting care package from Knit Crate arrived. I love getting these in the post, it's like a really cool birthday present.  This month the scrumptious handpainted yarn is from 'All for Love of Yarn' and is Luminosity Fingering—70% SW merino, 20% bamboo, 10% nylon. The pattern is the paid version of the Holden shawlette.  I knit the free version some time ago and it's probably the shawl that I wear the most. The paid version has more sizes. The gift was a pair of square circular needles from Kollage which will be interesting to try - I have a pair of their DPNs although they hurt my hands.  And the food treat was delicious brownie crisps which disappeared almost instantly (I shared them with DH).  So far this package is arriving in the UK without any extra customs charges which is really nice.  Presumably it is falling below the VAT threshold.

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swooze said...

I'm amazed the sellers are not anxious to get their act together with a buyer in hand! Go figure. Let the Fates taje over. If it is meant to be it is meant to be.

Your knitting is gorgeous as always.

How long is DS' break before he goes back?

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