Sunday, 11 May 2014

Time to start packing again

Fingers crossed and touch wood, we are almost homeowners again.  We saw our solicitor on Thursday to go over the purchase paperwork, and everything seems in order to exchange this coming week for completion in early June.  I'm alternating between excitement and panic, between mentally furnishing the new rooms and worrying about finding builders and tradespeople, and we're going to have to start packing up our stuff.  Again.  I am so over the whole packing thing after this past year.  The removers offered to do it but I would rather do it myself so I know what is where, and most of it is just clutter and paper/books rather than fragile stuff.  We've still got all the boxes from when we moved here so it should be easier than last time when we were scrounging for boxes.

Last week I said we were going to go out on the holiday Monday for a cream tea and to watch May Pole dancers.  Isn't this a lovely sign?

We had a very nice cream tea in a gorgeous garden at an old rectory in Sudborough, which was open to raise funds for good causes.  I took several inspiration photos against the day when perhaps we will try to do something with our new garden - currently a fairly blank slate.  There was also a tabletop sale where I bought this lovely handmade bowl for only £5.  I was kicking myself afterwards wishing I had bought a few more as gifts. I know how to make these (winding fabric strips around piping cord, then zigzagging them together) but I could never do it as beautifully as this.

The May Pole dancing was in the village of Orlingbury and it was a real community event, with locals of all ages gathering around the Green to welcome the May Queen and watch the dancers.  It was totally charming and yet unintentionally hilarious.  The MC's mike kept cutting out so we were getting 3 words in 5, the Brownies had only had one rehearsal and shortly after I took this picture, they got into a hopeless snarl and had to be stopped, and the maypole dismantled, to get the ribbons untangled, and the CD of old English music kept stuttering.  It would go uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh and the Brownies would have to pause mid-leap while the DJ gave the equipment a slap to get it going again. Very enjoyable and lovely surroundings.

I finished the slubby white baby cardigan and have put the buttons on, but I am going to add some trim to pep it up a bit.  I also knit these adorable little socks from a pattern called "Pram Shoes" from Twilleys of Stamford in association with Knit Now magazine, so cute.

And a little pink teddy bear from the same pattern that I used earlier this year (Sandra Polley's Knitted Toys).  That makes three things.  I will find a nice pink gift box and I think it will make a nice ensemble to give to my work colleague.

I finished the wristwarmers I was knitting.  These are in a double strand of sock yarn and are just a rectangle of 3x3 ribbing, seamed up one side leaving a hole for the thumb.  They are to replace a pair that I was gifted with several years ago at the I-Knit London christmas santa swap which I found surprisingly versatile: they are great under mittens or to just warm my wrists when I am wearing a bracelet-length cardigan, because you can just take your thumb out of the hole and slide the wristwarmer onto your arm.

I've managed to finish the four corner blocks for the Stars Quilt.  We're not meant to make holes in the wall of this rented house but I'm hoping they won't notice pinholes if I use the bedroom wall as a design wall.

And I did a bit more Fimo modelling, this time I made apples and pears.  I'm pleased with how they turned out apart from the stems are too big.  But the stems need to be sturdy enough to support the fruit while the varnish is drying.

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Tracy said...

Oh that is good news, fingers crossed for you Sharon, it does drag on! What town are you moving to? Only I grew up in Northamptonshire :)I loved your comment about the maypole dancing, our kids school always did it and they were really well trained, but some of the others were hilarious!!!

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