Monday, 9 June 2014

I am simultaneously excited and scared

We're in the new house!  Or to be more accurate, we've been in and out of the new house all the past week. We're not actually moving in to live there until next week.

We took the first week off work and I arranged a packed schedule of visits from kitchen designers (3), a chimney sweep (we have 11 flues!), a builder, an exterior painter, an interior painter, the conservation officer, the council landscape officer (who protects trees and we want to fell one in the back garden), a tree surgeon, and two blokes who took away a manky wooden garden shed for free.  In between those visits we were driving to and from the DIY store, the paint store or the key/lock store, taking deliveries of furniture and appliances, plumbing in a dishwasher, changing a lock, collecting more IKEA bookcases off eBay, painting up squares of lining paper with potential interior colours, and shooting back to our rental to be there for potential tenants viewing the property.  It's been exhausting but touch wood everything seems fine with the house and no major bombshells, or even very many minor ones.  But I'm bracing myself to see what all the quotes add up to, especially the new kitchen.  I hope we can afford to do all the priority stuff even if we have to wait a few years for the lower-priority jobs.

We're really pleased with the house, it's twice as big as our old modern-build house and has lovely high ceilings and some of the original features such as fireplaces and some cornicing.  It's over four floors because it's build on a sloping site so there is a cellar that becomes the bottom storey, and an attic that used to be servants' quarters.

This will be my sewing room.  It's about 14' square. Apart from the fireplace there aren't really any original features and the floor is a replacement. As this is the cellar-storey, the ceiling is a fairly normal height.

This is one of the attic spaces - one side will be for my knitting machines and the other side of the room (it's divided by a chimney) will be my knitting stash.

This is one of the main rooms that still has some original features - not my choice of colour scheme!  I am going to have most of the rooms painted in a warm neutral and we will live with that for a few years before we maybe choose some wallpaper for a few rooms.

So there hasn't been much time for crafting but I did do some knitting on the lace bodices of the Low Tide Vest and I've started a vanilla sock in Opal 'Der Kleine Prinz' colour 7767 which I really like.


Anonymous said...

Awesome news.
Good luck with the next step.

swooze said...

Sounds positive! I hope everything continues smoothly.

Mairead Hardy said...

I hope you are getting settled in your new home and will be very happy there!

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