Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hooray!! Broadband at last (and piccies)

Two days after it was promised, we have broadband at last.  And none too soon because I had to resort to going to bed early last night because I couldn't take any more angst from my overwrought teenager who had nothing to live for (according to him) without broadband. No amount of pep talks or tough love would snap him out of it, so I had to remove myself before I snapped.

So I can finally show some piccies of what I've mentioned in my last few posts - excuse the poor quality of some of them taken quickly with a flash this evening.

Big Eucalyptus tree BEFORE - never should have been planted in a town garden as it was well on its way to growing into an 85 foot high monster

AFTER - all gone and the garden feels much bigger

BEFORE - original Victorian fireplace all broken by someone inserting a gas fire in the 1970s

AFTER - marble mantle removed, and the cast iron insert gone off to the spa for some pampering

The Arts and Crafts cupboard we bought - now gone to hospital for the upper galleries to be restored

My walnut compactum wardrobe (all these rooms will be re-painted)

My 'pot cupboard' nightstand

The Wiernacke bookcase - hopefully going to keep my china and smaller dollshouses dust free

Our linen cupboard (I'm probably going to paint this)

The lace yokes from my Low Tide cardigan when they were blocking

My knitting room in progress with the Expedit shelves under the eaves

My vanilla socks - fairly well matched


Mairead Hardy said...

My goodness you have been really really busy! The furniture you have bought is lovely, and will look fantastic in your house. Hope that broadband is the start of 'proper' settling in.

swooze said...

Hurrah for broadband! Lol. Everything is looking good. As far as setting up can any rooms be considered done or do you really need the rest of your storage first? Love how the knitting room is shaping up.

Daisy said...

I love the storage you've got for your knitting room.

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