Saturday, 26 July 2014

My house is a storage warehouse

I'm blogging tonight even though I'm going to Fibre East in Ampthill tomorrow, because so much has been happening this week I shall forget it all if I don't write it down.

Don't forget that I'm running a 500th post giveaway - only five people have entered so far by commenting on my 500th post so there is an excellent chance of winning.  I will run the competition for a month until 19 August to allow intermittent blog readers (like myself) to catch up and enter.

Sunday we had tickets for what used to be called 'The Festival of History' at Kelmarsh Hall but is now 'History Live' - basically English Heritage hosting a bunch of volunteer re-enactors who get to run big pitched display battles and shop from each other in the marketplace, while camping overnight and generally having a good time.  All good fun and lots of explosions, plus the chance to see a jumble of historical figures strolling around.  Quite amusing to see a well-dressed Regency miltary officer and his glamorous wife fingering the beads being hawked by a Victorian street seller, while behind them a Roman soldier and his Viking friend look over the woollen goods being sold by Anglo-saxon ladies etc. It was really big this year, there must have been over 100 tents and four display grounds plus lectures going on in the members' tent, catering, static displays etc.  DH watched three battles in a row but I got a bit bored after the first one and went round the marketplace instead. I bought two yards of thick wool fabric from one of the cloth traders which I will use to pad my new homemade ironing board when that gets built, and also some embroidered taffeta because it was so pretty.

Monday was the big day, when this pulled up in front of the house (parking in the six reserved parking bays that we had to pay £110 to the Council to secure). It's called a 'road train' which is a big lorry pulling a big trailer.

Yes, our possessions finally came out of storage!  It took them about four hours to unload it all and stash it around the house.  I had done a careful plan of where things should go, labelled each room with the code letters for the boxes that were going there, even posted up floor plans and gave a copy to the supervisor - and they still bunged stuff at random everywhere.  For the first few hours I was asking them to correctly move things to the right room, then I gave up.  So Monday night when DH got home, we spent the evening moving boxes around to get things to the right floor, and Friday night we spent another two hours going through the huge pile in the cellar, fishing out the wild cards and carrying them around the house to where they should be.  It's still chaos though.

The cellar:

What will eventually be my dollhouse room

My sewing room

Some of my quilts coming back

The chap taking photographs in the road train picture is not an amazed bystander, he's one of two scaffolders who came that day to quote me on scaffolding the house.  I chose him in the end because our (possible) builder recommended him, and the scaffolding will go up in about three weeks.

While we were waiting for the removals lorry to arrive, I harnessed the Power of the Teenager who voluntarily set to work assembling my Lego haunted mansion that I bought over a year ago (which had gone straight into storage).  The level of detail on this model is amazing, it has a mansard roof, opening doors, a folding loft staircase, furniture, inhabitants, and really great little vignettes like a phonograph player, an inkwell with a quill pen etc. I'm really pleased with it both from a dollshouse point of view and as a lover of Halloween.  The ghosts even glow in the dark!  I'm glad he put it together though - the instructions spanned three volumes although he said it was very straightforward.  Now I just have to find somewhere to put it where it won't get smashed during the long wait for normality to resume.

On Tuesday I had a gas engineer for two hours in the morning, carrying out some remedial work recommended in our pre-buying survey.  Then - hooray - the Sky engineer came back only thankfully it was a younger guy this time who just got on with it and put the satellite dish up in the garden without arguing or sucking his teeth like the first guy did.  So we finally have TV again, and Sky now lets you download box sets for free so we are catching up on Mad Men season 6.

Tuesday afternoon the kitchen company project manager came by for the last visit before work starts next week.  So today we have gotten very hot and sweaty tramping up and down the stairs, moving everything out of the kitchen and down to our temporary camp kitchen in the laundry room.  Apart from the dishwasher which is still running, and the fridge which is a problem I couldn't face today.  Maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday to Friday were work days, and very busy too, but I found time to look up garden designers, confirm the scaffolding, confirm the fireplace guys, builder and outside painter to come and use the scaffolding, and work out a plan with the inside painter for when he will be able to come in.

Today I squeezed in another Annie Sloan chalk painting course which was quite fun and I bought the paint that I will use on the laundry cupboard we found on the antiques weekend.  Then we rushed home to look for tiles for the kitchen, visiting four DIY and tile shops to find a stunning lack of choice.  I've settled for a rustic white tile with some accent tiles in a duck egg blue which will hopefully set off the cabinets nicely.  Only of course, once we finally made up our minds, B&Q were out of the blue tiles.  According to the website, there are some at B&Q in Northampton so DH will have to go over there tomorrow while I am at Fibre East.  As well as moving the kitchen downstairs, we've also cleared out the room that will be the dining room but in the meantime was a repository for all manner of junk including the new appliances waiting for the kitchen.  The kitchen fitter will be knocking through the wall to open up an old doorway between the kitchen and dining room, and refinishing the floors in both rooms.  We are going to be so broke after all of this.

I had a nice surprise in Friday's post which was my latest delivery from Knit Crate.  This time it was two luscious skeins of Dream in Colour 'Classy', a worsted yarn, in 'Callous Pink' which is actually more of a purple and I love it.  So smooshy as well. The other included treats were some delicious biscuits and an electronic row counter that fits on your finger - very clever although I probably won't use it myself.

Commuter knitting this week has been the Shetland lace stitches shawl which is almost finished, only a half a repeat left on the border chart.  TV knitting has been the little colourwork baby jumper.  I spent a couple of evenings just darning in all the ends and now I am knitting the second sleeve.

Tomorrow I am off to Fibre East in Ampthill for some well deserved R&R, before coming back to finish clearing the kitchen plus we have to clear the clutter from the bedrooms because on Monday the plasterers are coming to restore the missing cornice.  Builders and workmen everywhere, and in a few weeks they will be able to look in the upstairs windows once the scaffolding is up as well.  I'm bracing myself for all the dust...


Anonymous said...

That is an impressive number of boxes. I wish you good luck in putting your house to rights.
Have fun at Fibre East.

Daisy said...

WOW! Must admit, when we moved into ours, we just got them to carry everything but the obvious downstairs stuff upstairs, on the basis that it was a lot easier for us to carry it down, then for us to have to carry it up later on!

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