Saturday, 9 August 2014

Project management skills

After the past few weeks, I think I could legitimately add 'Project Manager' to my employment CV.  Particularly on the kitchen where I seem to be doing most of the supervising because the company doesn't seem to be doing much at all.  There's been a good fitter working on the cabinets all week but I've still had to intervene or consult on many issues, including preventing the sink from going in the wrong way round, an extractor fan hole being punched through the wrong wall, the wrong tap being installed, the breakfast bar going in at the wrong height and so forth.  Luckily I was able to be home an extra day this week because my boss let me work from home on Friday for when the scaffolders started work.

But gradually this week, the kitchen that I designed using an Excel spreadsheet (with the cells fixed to act like graph paper) has been taking shape and we're pretty pleased with it.  It was an awkward room particularly as I wanted to fit in a side-by-side American-style fridge freezer which could only go in two locations.  The walls aren't finished yet, nor the floor (although it has been resanded) and the faux-dresser glass doors are on back order until September.  But it's going to look nice. I went to the showroom today and picked out some medium size white porcelain knobs for the cupboards.

Looking from the dining room through the new doorway opening, into the kitchen at the faux-dresser.

Standing in the kitchen doorway, looking past the peninsula at the gap where the fridge-freezer will go

The dining room still looks pretty rough, and behind the camera is the huge pile of discarded kitchen cardboard and scraps of cut-offs etc. At least the fitter hoovered up the giant pile of sawdust from all the cutting he's been doing.

The interior painter is going to start on Monday, painting the only two rooms that are ready which is my bedroom and the box room.  We should have a couple more rooms ready in a few weeks because the fitters have agreed to do some extra jobs putting up picture rail and window trim for me.  But it means more moving of boxes and furniture out of those rooms and squeezing them into other rooms. But once the kitchen is finished then we can move the appliances back in, that are currently sitting in the lounge and the study.  It's all good exercise and even though I've been eating more, I've actually lost another pound this week which is good.

This is our study - currently home to the dishwasher, the hall lights, some dining room furniture, a new mail box, parts for fitting the stove that hasn't been delivered yet, some wood trim for going on windows, tool boxes, and some boxes of files that I don't have anywhere to put yet.

Commuter knitting this week was finishing off the Shetland Lace Stitches Shawl but I can't block it until the home renovations are over.  After that I switched to knitting on the stockinette body of the Low Tide Cardigan but  I'm finding that really dull, it's in sock weight (Regia Silk) and will take forever.

I also finished the Monsieur Bearnard kit that came with Simply Knitting magazine.  To be honest, I didn't really do a good job on him. My tension is never great and the cheap acrylic yarn in the kit made it worse, and I was feeling stressed and distracted which obviously contributed to me not reading the pattern correctly. As a result, Monsieur Bearnard has two right arms instead of a right and left, but I'd already stuffed them both when I realised so I just bent the right arm to make it look more like a left arm.  I gave him away almost immediately he was finished because a few hours later my kitchen fitter got a call from his mate who had just his first child.  Monsieur Bearnard has nothing on him dangerous for babies although his yarn-jointed limbs wouldn't stand up to really rough handling, but it will be several months before the baby can even grasp him so I handed him over to the fitter. The fitter appreciated the gesture but I'm not sure he was that keen on the bear, but hopefully the new parents will like it.

In between making cups of tea for plasterers, fitters, scaffolders etc and project managing, I have managed to finish (finally!) changing addresses following our house move with all and sundry.  There will be a few more to mop up as they arrive in the post via our mail redirection, but it's pretty much done at last.  Amazing how many mailing lists, loyalty schemes, charities, memberships etc. you accumulate in life.  I also fitted a Pulleymaid old fashioned hanging clothes airer in our bathroom for hanging towels on, it looks very appropriate there. Sadly a lot of the stuff from the rooms to be painted will have to be piled in the bathroom for a while, spoiling the look.  One day everything will be back where it belongs!


swooze said...

You haven't mentioned the show you went to a few weeks ago. I'll read back because my memory lacks. Are you going to the quilt show in Birmingham? I have missed our big Dallas show several years in a row now. Guilt of possessing too much stuff.

Everything looks great. I am glad the painter is there. A good sign of finishing is near. Are there any other floors or floor treatments being redone other than what you've shown already?

Look forward to more pics of finished rooms!

Daisy said...

The kitchen will be worth it in the end, it's just horrendous getting there (ours was a nightmare and I got so sick of eating at Wetherspoons as we had nowhere else to cook in the house). One day you'll look back at all these pictures, and look up at your beautiful house and laugh (honestly, I promise!).

Sophie said...

It's lovely seeing your house come together. It must be like a giant dolls house! It will be well worth the inconvenience in the end.x

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