Sunday, 28 September 2014

A sewing room is born!

It's still a complete mess, but I have a sewing room!  DH kindly brought home the 40cm wide IKEA bookcase to complete the U-bend of my fabric storage nook, so after a few more hours of assembling eBay-purchased bookcases and screwing them together, I have this:

It's like a walk-in fabric closet, built in to one corner of the room.  As well as being efficient storage, it protects the fabric from the damaging light from the window.  The 'U' is created by two corner units sandwiching the new 40cm-wide bookcase.  The back faces into the room, and will be my design wall once I get it fitted up with insulation foam covered in flannel.

As you can see, I have started unpacking the 27 boxes marked 'Fabric'.  I'm bunging it on shelves almost at random to start with, just trying to keep colours and collections together.  I'm rediscovering all sorts of things I'd forgotten I had, plus a few surprises (why do I have an entire box of crumpled fabric scraps??).

The other thing I've built which I'm really pleased about is an ironing station made out of some of the kitchen cabinets that came out of our old kitchen.  I screwed them together, and then added a chipboard top bought cheaply at B&Q (it's supposed to be used for sub-floors and is 22mm thick). I padded the chipboard with two layers of the felted wool fabric I bought several weeks ago at the re-enactor's historical fair, and then topped that with an old duvet cover, stapled to the underneath of the chipboard.  The result is a giant ironing board, deep enough to iron a half-width of yardage and long enough (75") to press most of a single quilt top, half at a time.  Plus there is all the kitchen cabinet storage underneath.  Currently however it is covered in unpacked stuff waiting for a home.

There are still loads of boxes waiting to be opened, which is a bit daunting, but you can see that it is going to be a sewing room now.  It's even got an official label on the door:


It's getting a bit nippier at night now, I think we might have to start putting the heating on soon.  But meanwhile my feet are toasty warm with my new slippers which I finished this week, using the Bergere de France slipper soles and some Iceland pure wool.

These were an easy knit but baffling to put together as the instructions are quite vague on how you are meant to sew them up.  I'm not sure I did it the right way but they are staying on my feet and feel quite cosy.

And I've succumbed to startitis, casting on for a fair isle hat by Hazel Tindall which is free to download for Shetland Wool Week here.  It's a very attractive pattern and I am going for the gaudy version in yellow, red and green.  There's also a KAL for it on Ravelry  during Shetland Wool Week.  I had a small stash of different colours of Jamieson & Smith jumper weight yarn left over from the fair isle vests I knit on the machine, so I didn't have to buy any yarn. I've been knitting on that while I watch my new favourite show 'Outlander', a TV version of the Diana Gabaldon books.

I had a coupon for Zazzle, the online art and customised clothing provider, so I had a t-shirt made up featuring a fun motto that I found online last year.  So true as well.

Hope you've all had a nice week too!


swooze said...

Your sewing space looks wonderful. Will you be able to setup your quilting frame full time now? I am sure this will all be a big boon to your productivity.

Daisy said...

It's going to be amazing once it's finished - just being able to see at a glance which fabric you've got in which colourways.

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