Monday, 8 September 2014

What a difference a paint job makes

This past Monday our painter started work on our kitchen and adjoining dining room.  Right from the start, just getting a coat of primer onto the many scars and patches and onto the new walls made the kitchen look better.  Then on Tuesday, when he put the first coat of wall paint onto both rooms, it was a total transformation.

The horrible dark green kitchen, full of scars from the rip-out and construction process, has suddenly transformed into a light-filled comfortable country kitchen.

And the poor dining room, which has been used for everything from a carpenter's workshop complete with 18-inch pile of shavings, through to a chimney fitters storeroom, is now an elegant room with a feature fireplace.

He finished on Friday and I snapped these pictures Friday night, before we moved our stuff back in on Saturday.

We've now been using the rooms for a few days, and it still feels strange to be able to go into them because they've been 'no go' zones belonging to builders and tradesmen almost since we moved in.  It's like suddenly the house got bigger by an extra two rooms.  It's surprisingly hard to choose homes for all our kitchen stuff, as the configuration is quite different from the kitchen we moved from, and the kitchen in the rental house. But it's been nice to unpack some of the kitchen stuff from storage even if some of it is still mysteriously missing (where are my cookie baking sheets and my rolling pin?)

Today the electrician has come to hang some nice lights around the house which should really start amping up the 'Victorian' feel.  And the heating company is downstairs for the next couple of days taking out our condemned boiler and fitting a new one.  The pointing work on the outside is finished, and I've successfully spliced the ethernet cable to my PC that he cut through with his grinder. And yesterday we picked up three more IKEA bookcases for my sewing room, so once the boiler installation is finished, we will use the utility room to stack all the boxes in from my sewing room.  Then I can start constructing my fabric storage/design wall nook.  But first we need to go and buy an electric drill because we cannot for the life of us find the box that has our own electric drill in it - it has obviously been put somewhere it shouldn't have been and right at the back / underneath something else.

Crafty stuff

I blocked my Shetland lace stitches shawl and I'm pretty pleased with it.  It's a nice size for wrapping around my neck as a neck warmer, and the gradiations of blue colour really show up now that it's blocked. I like this Zitron Filigram yarn, it's the second shawl I've knit with it and it has excellent stitch definition.  I did take some pics of the scarf round my neck but they came out too fuzzy to use. You can see in the picture I was also blocking my Ruched and Ruffled scarf at the same time.

The shawl is knit as a standard triangular shawl, increasing with a yarn over on either side of the centre stitch and at each end on RS rows, and a three stitch garter tab and three stitch garter top edge.  I started out in stockinette divided by a row of yarn overs, then switched to 'Mrs Hunter's Pattern' for about three inches (p57 of 'The magic of Shetland Lace Knitting' by Elizabeth Lovick) then switched to 'Broken Acre' (p 78) with a stockinette ground for a while, then finished up with several repeats of the border pattern from the Holden Shawlette (previously a free pattern) until it seemed big enough.

The fleece lined slipper soles I ordered from Bergere de France showed up along with the free offer of their pattern book which has several slipper and slipper sock patterns in it.  I just need to find something in my stash that is the equivalent weight and these will be very cosy for the winter.

It's not long now until the Great London Yarn Crawl, a one day tour of London's yarn and haberdashery shops on 20th September 2014.  There are several routes, I've chosen one with some longer travel times to get to some shops I haven't visited before.  I went on the inaugural Crawl last year and quite enjoyed it, and the after-party this year is very convenient for me as it's in a pub in the station I use to get home.

My last crafty news this week is that I've found a secondhand Proxxom FET Table Saw to buy, we will pick it up when we take DS back to Oxford as the owner lives near there.  I have seen them used on dollshouse courses I've been on, and although normal-sized table saws scare the bejeesus out of me (childhood trauma from having to hold up one end of a giant sheet of plywood while my Dad was feeding it though his monster machine), I am hoping this small modeller's saw will be of great use for my dollshouse hobby and indeed for lightweight DIY tasks like picture framing.


swooze said...

I sense a sigh of relief in your post. What is next after the boiler? Or are you waiting a bit for more remodeling?

Daisy said...

Wooo hoo, it's looking fab!

Teresa said...

Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful. The colors are soothing and so inviting. Don't worry, everything will show up eventually. Congrats on such a wonderful kitchen and dining room.

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