Saturday, 11 October 2014

Aches and pains

As I sit here, I am continuing to stiffen up all over after a full day of shifting furniture out of the lounge to get it ready for painting, followed by several intensive hours of garden clearing. I've also got some long deep scratches on my thigh and both arms from a climbing rose that fought back when I took down the rusty eyesore arch it was trying to scramble up.  Hopefully all the exercise has cancelled out the pack of Percy Pig sweets I scoffed down yesterday when I was feeling sorry for myself due to a cold that won't go away and the complete tedium of my work day.

Earlier in the week, I pried off part of the picture rail in the lounge, wrecking the wall in the process.  The young kitchen fitters we had paid to put it up there had done a great job of making the new rail level all the way around the room.  Unfortunately the room itself is not at all level, and thus the picture rail was not parallel to the ceiling.  One corner was particularly bad, out by about 1.5" which was really bugging me and I was worried that once it gets painted white, and the walls get painted the blue I have chosen, that the crookedness would look even worse.  So I pried it off, then spent several hours making the wall good, then put the rail back a little bit higher to split the difference of the crookedness.  It looks better, still wonky but an acceptable wonkiness.  The lounge gets painted from Monday, so by Monday night I should be able to see if I can live with a wonky white picture rail, or if it gets painted blue as well to camouflage the differences.

Commuter knitting this week has been a second Shwook Hat using some different colours of Jamieson & Smith jumper weight wool from my stash.  It's come out with quite a 50s vintage vibe, although now that it's finished I kind of wish I had chosen a less vibrant yellow.  Plus for some reason this hat has come out longer than the first one, so fits more like a beret.  Still really enjoyed knitting it and am somewhat tempted to knit a third one in different colours again, except that I really don't need any more knitted hats!

Television knitting has been the Shwook but also I'm almost finished my latest GAAA Square.  I've done the patterned middle, just decreasing for the border and then it will be finished.

I even used my new sewing room this week, despite it being complete chaos.  I tried out my new  giant ironing station to iron some fabric yardage and it worked great, so much easier than trying to wrestle it onto a normal ironing board.  I've cut out fabric for six cushions (2 big, 2 small, and 2 bolsters) which will go on our window seat. I also cut bias and made piping cord for each cushion.  Then I pulled out my overlocker/serger to finish the edges but it doesn't want to play. At some point over the past year, the foot pedal decided to die or short out or something. So the serger will sew for a few inches and then stop and hum, then sew another inch, then stop.  I decided I too needed to stop at that point.  Might try again tomorrow.  Also, sewing on my Janome 6500 felt like driving a tank after only having the little Singer Featherweight machine over the past year.  My new sewing desk is working well, even without having a plexiglas insert to cover the hole. It felt good to be working with fabric again.

My pegboard fittings arrived.  Now I just need to get some pegboard one weekend.

In other house news, our guttering and roof have finally been done, so I was able to phone the scaffolding company on Friday to tell them we are finished with the scaffolding.  However, their response was that they don't know when they can come as they are incredibly busy right now.  So DH isn't getting his driveway back any time soon, but at least we don't have to pay any further hire charges for the scaffolding.


swooze said...

It's funny that they can't come fetch the scaffolding because if you had called and said you wanted them to take it one day before you were really ready I am sure they would have been Johnny on the spot.

Again, love the hat. Are you doing all that colorwork? I cant imagine the pattern and the yarn are working together to make that gorgeous pattern.

Glad your sewing room setup is working for you. Looking forward to continued reports from your home front.

Love to you.


Daisy said...

I'm amused by the pegboard - I remember loads of shops having it when I was a child, but I cannot recall seeing it anywhere for ages.

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