Sunday, 26 October 2014

Just because you're paranoid...

... doesn't mean they're not out to get you.  I remember reading that saying a few decades ago, and it has come back to my mind this week.

I am quite a risk-averse person and it has been with some trepidation that we have run up a fairly significant credit card bill to finish off the house renovations after our savings ran out. I know people do it all the time, but I have always paid my bills off in full every month so it really went against the grain. But the advice online was that was the better option as opposed to taking out a very small mortgage or an unsecured loan, and as we are both working then we should have been able to gradually pay it off over the next six months.

Obviously someone up there decided my financial affrontery should be punished, because on Monday my boss called me at home on my non-working day to inform me that I am now at risk of redundancy.  It was quite a shock, and I'm glad I was at home so that I could have a cup of tea and come to terms with the news gradually.  Our company has been in financial trouble for the past year, with a few profits warnings, but suddenly without any warning they have decided to drastically cut down on central overheads which includes my team.  Nine of us are at risk. They've restructured the team organigram and are spinning out a lot of BS about how we are all in a 'pool' and will be considered equally for the remaining five jobs. But since I don't have the experience to do significant parts of those jobs, and I am part-time, I am not optimistic.  At least we don't have to go through the farce of re-applying and interviewing - they are going to score us using criteria blah blah blah [in other words, keep whom they want and let go the rest]. I should find out in the next few weeks what is happening to me specifically, and the unlucky ones will be leaving during December.  Merry Christmas.  Why is it that I always seem to end up jobhunting in the deadest months of the years in terms of the job market?

Anyway.  Life will go on, and at least DH still has a job (touch wood).

House stuff 

Today we cleared everything out of the upper and lower hallways, in preparation for the painter who is coming tomorrow for his last stint.  After I blog I will go and sand down the filler I applied over various blemishes on the walls.

We also collected a couple of pieces of furniture yesterday which had been with a restorer for the last three months.  Not because they needed huge amounts of work, but just because he has a big backlog and is a bit of a perfectionist.  So after three months of perching at a garden table in the corner of my room, I finally have back the dressing table that I bought in July when we hired the van to buy our haul of antiques.  Isn't it nice?  All freshly re-polished. Very Downton Abbey.

I've also taken delivery of the fabric I have chosen for the blinds in my room.  It is a reprint from the William Morris archives, by Sanderson, of a fabric called 'Tangley'.  So pretty, and I was able to find a roll end at half price on eBay.  But now I feel like I can't afford to have it made up into Roman blinds because of the job situation.  I did look into making them myself, but just to buy all the lining, interlining, chain drive etc. was about 3/4 of the price of having someone else make them.

Last Sunday when I still had a job, we went over to IKEA in Milton Keynes to pick up a cheap bookcase for my knitting room to house all my knitting books and some of my magazine collection.  We also picked up two desk-top units to sit on my desk and provide storage.  We put the units together in the evenings this week, then Friday night we screwed the two desk units on top of each other and on top of my desk.  I still need to figure out how to run the power cables for my PC and I've sent off for a longer monitor cable because my current one won't stretch far enough.  There are several shelves to fit into the units which aren't in yet until I drill the cable holes.  Normally you would only have one desk top unit, but our ceilings are so high that it made sense to have two units.

Craft stuff

I was on a training course on Thursday (booked several months ago) at the Business Design Centre in Islington, conveniently near to Loop, one of London's best knitting shops.  I was able to dash out at lunchtime and have a quick browse.  Nothing is very cheap in that shop, but they do stock lots of yarns that I've only heard of on American podcasts.  I decided to treat myself to a special skein of 'Socks that Rock' fingering yarn, a brand that I have frequently heard praised  on podcasts.  At home I spent some time looking for a contrast yarn to pair it with, and then on Ravelry to find a two-colour shawl.  I've decided to try 'Itineris', a modern striped shawl, although I'm a bit worried that my yarns don't contrast sufficiently.

While I was moving knitting books around and trying to tidy up a bit in the knitting room, I came across some novelty yarn I bought on holiday in Turkey.  It's a single bulky roving with a strand of glittery braid wrapped loosely around it, and it really called to my inner Barbie Princess.  I dug out my Ann Budd book of basic patterns and whipped out a pair of mittens this week, and I've also cast on for a beanie hat to go with them. The braid is a bit scratchy so I wouldn't be able to wear this around my neck, but hands and head are fine.

Also on Thursday on the course day, I found a small branch of The Book Warehouse, which is the discount chain that I always did well at for knitting books at their bigger branch in Waterloo.  I popped in and found a great fair isle pattern book quite cheaply called 'Colourworks Knitting' by Susan Anderson-Freed.  It is full of patterns for hats and gloves, many modified from Sanqhuar traditional patterns.  I particularly liked the patterns for fair isle tams, which I might have a go at as I still have a fair bit of Jamieson & Smith 2ply jumper weight in my stash.

Sophie, I couldn't respond to your comment directly because your Blogger profile is set to 'no reply' but my Folksy shop has lapsed because I didn't renew the listings while we were moving house.

Thanks for reading!


Mad about Craft said...

I hope you don't loose your job, the job market is seriously scary at the moment. If you do loose it maybe something better is waiting around the corner.

Your house renovations will be lovely when finished!

Mairead Hardy said...

So sorry you have to worry about your job at this time of year! Your dressing table looks glorious now its been restored. You will have to look for some vintage perfume bottles and dressing table sets to complete the look!

Daisy said...

Oh no, fingers crossed you're not one of the ones that loses their job. Although maybe there's a better one out there for you?

Love the dressing table and the way you've got your desk set up!

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