Sunday, 5 October 2014

Unpacking at long last

We've spent a lot of time the past week unpacking boxes. A lot of the stuff we are unpacking went into storage 18 months ago, so there have been some nice surprises as old friends emerge.  There has also been a lot of "why on earth...", "remember this?",  and "how can we have so much stuff!" as we struggle to find new homes for things that fit in a different house.  Obviously we are going to have to do a lot of weeding out.  Friday night I went through all my clothes and ended up filling two big bin bags with things that don't fit me any longer now that I've lost weight, things I've never really worn, things I made that just didn't work out, things that are too dated etc.  It felt rather liberating but now I need to do some shopping, particularly for trousers.  I might go down to Oxford Street in London on one of my days off.

Most of the stuff that belongs in my craft rooms is now in them, but still completely disorganised.  Today we went to a shop in another town that had a lot of storage boxes, so I bought two sets of large, medium and small boxes for my sewing room in a pretty blue colourway.  I will use these for all my haberdashery, interfacing etc.

I want to have pegboard on the wall of the sewing room to hang all my tools, and it has been frustrating to discover that pegboard is really hard to find in the UK.  It is known as 'perforated hardboard' here, and none of the big DIY chains seem to stock it.  You can buy it online, but delivery costs more than the pegboard.  A number of local timber merchants stock it in the Southwest, and in the Manchester area, neither of which are anywhere near me.  After working my way through about 30 results in Google, I have eventually found a retailer in St Neots, about 40 minutes from me, which says they have it.  Then I tried to order the fittings.  On Pinterest there are all these American pictures of wonderful pegboard fittings to hold practically anything.  In the UK, only a handful of shopfitting sites sell a very limited range of two styles of hook, and some of them want to sell the hooks in packs of 100!  I ended up ordering some assorted hooks from an American eBayer who sends internationally.  I'll wait for those to come before trying to buy the pegboard because I need to get the right hole spacing.  The cute bins that fit on pegboard don't seem to be available here either, but I've pinched an idea from Pinterest which is to hang a little metal sand pail from a hook, to stash things like rotary cutters etc. in. I was able to order the little metal pails from a catering company who sell them to restaurants to serve chips in.

I keep finding more yarn tucked into the top of other boxes as extra padding.  I am trying to win a smaller IKEA bookcase on eBay to move my knitting books into, then I can use more of the existing shelving for yarn storage.  I so do not need to buy any more yarn for a very long time...

The painter is back tomorrow to work on another bedroom, so we had to empty that all out this weekend.  Luckily DS has now gone back to Oxford, so we have his room to stash things in.  The house seems a bit empty without him though.

I've been a knitting fiend this week as the Shwook Hat (a free download for Shetland Wool Week) has turned out to be complete potato chip knitting, keeping me enthralled all the way from home to London on my daily commute, tempting me in the evenings, and keeping me busy in the car.   I'm quite pleased with the end result - so much so that I have cast on again to knit a second one in different colours of Jamieson & Smith's jumperweight from my stash.

In other hobby news, I picked up my new-to-me Proxxon table saw today, on the way to Oxford.  Eventually I hope to set up a workshop in the cellar where this will have pride of place for my dollshouse crafting.

I've developed a bit of a bad eBay habit, ogling the antique auctions when I should be working.  I had been idly looking for something to put our small and seldom used collection of liquor into, when I stumbled across this cocktail cabinet which has now found a home in our dining room. When closed up, it looks like a generic vintage cabinet.  When open, it looks rather fun and I look forward to a time when I have the leisure to mix cocktails.

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swooze said...

Love your hats! The cabinet is really pretty.

I am glad you are getting to unpack and find treasures. I continue to find things stashed here and there that I had forgotten about.

More painting. Soon that will all be done I am sure. Do you feel like you'll ever be done done or will there always be something in the works?

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