Monday, 17 November 2014

Apparently pictures make the home

Since the painting was completed on our inside rooms, we've basically been living in fear of the pristine empty walls with their perfect new coloured coatings.  Having worked so hard to fill in all the holes and imperfections, and to facilitate the painter in his work, it just seemed too irrevocable to make new holes in the walls to hang pictures, cabinets, shelves etc.

But after all the unpacking I did in the attic, the stack of pictures and other wall ornaments waiting to be allocated was growing. So Saturday I finally bought a bunch of picture hooks in different sizes, took a deep breath, and started hanging pictures around the house.  The first few nails I drove in did seem like sacrilege, but after the third or fourth picture it started to be fun.  Photos of DS in school, our engagement photo, my ancient uni diploma, some watercolours that used to be my grandmother's, artwork we've accumulated here and there, a few mirrors.

And suddenly the house feels like our home.  Much more than placing the furniture did, or the bookcases, or the new kitchen.  Putting up our own pictures seems to have put our own stamp on the place.

We also put up a crazy Victorian overmantle that I bought on eBay, which is enormous and takes full advantage of our tall ceilings.  Our dining room now looks like we should be selling tickets to National Trust punters.

I've done some more tidying in my sewing room and organising.  After ten years of slinging stuff randomly into piles, I'm trying to put like-with-like into labelled boxes like this.

Unfortunately the rest of the room still looks like this.

But I'm getting there.  In front of the telly these last few evenings, instead of knitting, I sorted through all my buttons and put the matching ones into little ziplock baggies.  As fun as it is to run one's fingers through the cool ripples of a full button box, I think it is going to be more practical to pick up a baggie with seven matched blue buttons when you need blue buttons.  Similarly, I have been winding two big boxes of tangled ribbons and trim neatly around split up pipe lagging cut into lengths to fit neatly into a storage box, trying to group the ribbons by colour or type.  Yes, this is my inner librarian coming to the fore.

Yesterday we tackled the last bastion of unopened boxes, and emptied out most of the future-dollshouse-room.  I opened each box in turn to check contents, and discovered the remainder of my yarn stash (yay!) lurking in several boxes where I had used it as padding.  Mostly sock yarn.  We still haven't found the big hammer which disappeared six weeks ago but we did come across the box of drills that we lost two months ago (and have since replaced). My plan now is to measure up the future-dollshouse-room and plot out how I can combine display shelves for my dollshouses with a working area and lots of storage.


I've almost finished my cross-stitch christmas cards, just need to finish backstitching on the robin then assemble them into cards.

A while before we moved, I started knitting a pair of fingerless mitts using recycled parcel string I was saving from our vegetable box deliveries from Abel & Cole.  The string is already recycled fibre and thus full of all different colours, like a luxury handspun or a Noro yarn.  I used the Russian Join to keep adding on more string.  The project got packed for a year but I kept saving string, so when I found it a month or so ago, I had lots of string to keep going with it.  As the resulting fabric is not elastic, the mitts came out a bit big for me but DH tried one on and pronounced that he liked them.  So I finished the other one this week and they are his now. Not bad for 'free' yarn that would have otherwise been thrown out.

I finished my Sirdar Ophelia Tam and am quite pleased with it, so soft. I've started knitting a pair of fingerless mitts for me to match the tam.  I'm making the pattern up, using the tam to judge how many stitches to cast on, and trying them on frequently to get the row count right.  The challenge is going to be to knit a second mitt that matches.  This yarn isn't going to be warm enough for deep winter, but will be lovely for autumn/spring.

Yesterday we went along to the November event of the craft fair that I will be doing in December.  It's the first time I'd been, and didn't know what to expect, but it was a reasonable size and looked fairly professional.  The prices were really low though, a woman selling knitted baby garments had priced most things at £3.95, and a woman selling fabric covered boxes (and I know how long those take to make) was selling them for around £5.  I was looking at how people had their tables laid out and how they were displaying their wares, trying to get ideas for how to display my quilts and wallhangings.  My quilts are quite big obviously which is going to be awkward.

And that's about it this week. Still no concrete news on the job, although they have said there won't be any enforced redundancies from the pool of people I am in so that sounds like good news.  We now move on to individual consultation meetings where we will be told what is specifically happening to us.  I am hoping to continue in my same job but they've told us that we could be placed in any of the available jobs in the pool.  Hopefully nobody else wants to do my job!

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Daisy said...

Wow, that overmantle is amazing!

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