Sunday, 9 November 2014

Fun with flat packs

Forget your Sudoku, throw out your Wordsearch booklets - if you really want to use up your time and puzzle your brain, then take apart ten different IKEA bookcases and wardrobes but don't label any of the pieces. The instructions of course are long gone. Then to make sure it's a puzzler, put all the pieces into storage for 18 months and have it all moved to a different house.  To make it slightly easier, the hardware for each piece is stored in an individual labelled container, but it's not guaranteed that all the hardware bits and bobs made it into the right container.  Then stand back and have fun, fun, fun!!!!


Eventually, after we'd emptied the boxes out of the cellar, we were left with flat pack pieces.  Long ones, short ones, white ones, birch veneered ones, ones that are too heavy for me to even lift... Some with dowels sticking out, some with the little metal turn-y thingies that stick fast when you are trying to get them out then fall out when you aren't looking. It is all beyond the ken of DH who doesn't even remember owning half of the original structures, much less what they looked like.

On Monday and Tuesday this week, I sifted through the stacks of pieces and made a start. My first choice was the shelves on wheels which used to hold my quilt projects in my old bedroom - because I had painted it white myself so it was relatively easy to identify the pieces and pull them out of the piles of wood. I put that together, and we carried it up to the attic where it is now holding board games and photo albums.  Next I put together two of the narrow brown shelves that used to be in my quilt closet holding my fabric storage plastic crates - those also went up to the attic where they are now holding wellies, sleeping bags and other things we might conceivably need to get our hands on.  This facilitated me unpacking a lot of boxes that were in the attic and redistributing their contents. [I will confess this included some old baby clothes and a lot of cooing and reminiscing about how small DS used to be, and how I used to make a lot of his baby clothes - not very well I may add].

This reduced the stack of wood in the cellar, so today we moved a lot of big pieces around and found all the pieces for the shelved wardrobe which used to stand next to my bed and hold most of my quilt collection.  We hauled all the pieces up three flights of stairs to the attic (who needs the gymn?) and put that together this afternoon.  My plan is put the quilts I am keeping back into that wardrobe, leaving the ones that I might sell at the craft fair next month to get measured, labelled etc.  I've got four weeks to get ready for the sale and think about how I am going to display things and so forth.

Still to put together are two tall cupboards with drawers and shelves which used to be in our living room, a tall mirrored door single wardrobe which we will probably sell or give away because we don't need it here, a 20-cubbyhole Expedit shelving unit which will likely stay in the cellar to hold tools, and two more ex-fabric storage units.  I'm thinking that the cupboards that used to be in the living room might be useful in my future dollshouse room.

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas

I am firmly in the camp with people who sniff in dismay at the Christmas decorations appearing on store shelves in mid-September. Yet somehow I seem to have had a very Christmassy week in terms of crafts.

I sewed up the other three mini-dolls for my LYS's window display.

They were fun but fiddly to make up and looked good in a group.

When I was working on sorting my sewing room, I came across my collection of small cross stitch kits including these £1 Hobbycraft christmas card inserts of berries and a robin. Instead of knitting on my commute this week, I've worked on these instead.  I haven't done the backstitching on the robin yet but the stitching is done on the berries. It was more challenging than you might think, to precision stab a needle through a tiny hole while sitting on a fast train vibrating and swaying.  I'm not that good at cross stitch anyway because of my inability to count, so the berries in particular are not a great match to the chart but they still look ok.

After I finished the mini-dolls, I felt like tackling another toy so I pulled out the Rodney the Reindeer free kit that came with Let's Knit magazine recently.  It is a design by Amanda Berry and the kit included the yarn, pompom nose and button eyes.  I'm quite pleased with how he came out and it was easy to knit..

Now I'm back to knitting on the Sirdar fur tam that I started last week.  I've increased enough that I think it will be floppy enough, so after 10 straight rows, I have now started to decrease.

And finally

Still no news at work.  We have another consultation meeting on Thursday when we will find out how many people have asked for voluntary redundancy.  I know one girl has, but there would need to be at least one more volunteer to avoid enforced redundancies.  Several of us who are impacted had lunch on Friday, and I was amused to find that every single person had a different understanding of how the process was going to work, and a different estimation of their own and others' chances of staying employed.  Some people told me that I shouldn't be worried at all but I don't think that's true.  I feel slightly more optimistic though. I felt sorry for the girl who thought that she would keep getting paid until she could find another job - if only.


Daisy said...

Rodney's cute! Good luck with the re-constructed flat packs. I have some Billy instructions here, but nothing else, and Billy is probably the most straightforward one to construct!

swooze said...

How is the cabinetry reassembly going? I would hate to endure that as I know how much I forgot while everything was packed. I hope you have sorted it all out by now.

I hope you get good news about your job. My contract ends on the 26th so time for me to start looking again. ah such is my life.

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