Saturday, 27 December 2014

Happy Christmas!

It's Saturday and tonight we finally finished the leftovers from Christmas dinner on Thursday, hurrah! Still have bucketloads of sweets, cake, mince pies, gingerbread house and cookies, marshmallows, wine, mulled wine etc. etc. etc. to get through. 'Tis the season to live on sugar and all that.

Christmas in the new house went very well, the in-laws were very impressed with how much we had accomplished since their last visit in the autumn, and it was nice to have a proper guest room (a.k.a. Ds's room) for the first time ever. I made DS a bed in my knitting room in the attic and he was happy enough because there's an ethernet connection up there that we installed when the scaffolding was still up. All my menu plans worked out fine, we had enough groceries, and there was plenty of room at our new dining table for the five of us and all the Christmas dinner after we put one of the leaves into the table.

Our preferred Christmas would be much more self indulgent, with plenty of television, sleeping in, and hobbies, but with guests in the house we had to have more of a routine.  So we took them out for a walk both days, had regular meals, and watched family-friendly films.  They headed home on Boxing Day morning.  DS and I promptly retired back to our respective beds to catch up on sleep and then spent the rest of the day eating sweets, watching junk TV and playing on the internet, which felt much more like a holiday especially for me as I didn't have to do any more catering.

Before the guests came, DH and I went down to the railway embankment and gathered some greenery to decorate the house with.  I had a go at decorating our lounge mantel - something I've never done before and it's harder than it looks in the magazines.  It came out rather messy, but still looked quite festive.

While watching the films (Billy Elliott, and The Eagle) with the in-laws, and a few more with DS (re-watching Guardians of The Galaxy, my xmas present from DS [love Baby Groot!!!]; and Arthur Christmas, which was brilliant), I got quite a lot done on my Itineris Shawl. I've almost finished the border stripe now.

I also finished the Rowan Big Wool Cabled Hat and added a nice puffy pompom.  I wore this out to the sales today, it fits but I would like it if it covered my ears a bit more.

I fixed the defective knitting charts for my Aran Sampler Jumper and have knit through another set of charts for it. It's slow going though because my gauge is so tight and because of the twisted cable which is quite fiddly to do.

And I have even been (drum roll please) doing some quilting!  I hardly remember how to do it. My machine wasn't helping by stuffing the pieces down the plate every time I started a seam, but I changed the needle and it's behaving itself now.  I had put the Star Sampler Quilt up on the design wall, the quilt that I started in the rented house which is from 'Jelly Roll Sampler Quilts' by Pam & Nicky Lintott.  I went through the rest of the fabric in the bag trying to work out what I had been doing, and then cut out pieces for two "Love in the Mist" blocks in pale blue.  They've turned out fairly alright, although I can see now that the white flowers in the floral print are bleeding into the background too much so I will need to do something about that. That's one of the problems with working from jelly rolls, sometimes you are making do with fabric prints that aren't ideal. It felt good to be sewing again, even if it was a bit "oh yeah, I vaguely remember doing a lot of this a long time ago..." and good to be finally doing it in the new sewing room that I've been wishing for over the past two years.

I got some nice crafty Christmas presents:  some sharp new quilting pins in my stocking from DH, and he also got me a dressmaking mannequin on a stand, which I intend to customise to match my shape as per the instructions in the Craftsy video that I've been watching.  I need to sew a new cover for the mannequin first and I've sent away for one of the patterns that the instructor recommends for altering into a cover. My friend Anita gave me a great dollshouse kit for a 1:12 scale table, along with a nice selection of printies and accessories which was also wrapped in a nice house print fabric. M-i-l gave me some more nice fabric as wrapping on some new kitchen knives.

I hope you all had nice christmases also and that Santa brought you some crafting goodies.  Happy Christmas and best wishes for a happy new year, with lots of quality crafting time.

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Daisy said...

Happy Christmas! Your decorations look wonderful. Oh, and I think I drove past your house yesterday...

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