Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Sewing room is taking shape

Bit late blogging this week, sorry about that.  We've had a few days off and it's mucked up my weekly schedule. I can't believe it's December already - where did 2014 go??

A week ago I spent most of Monday working on my sewing room and it's pretty much there now bar the sorting out of piles of books, piles of fabric etc.  I planned out how I wanted the pegboard and then installed all the hooks, then screwed the whole thing to the wall above the ironing board.  It looks great and everything is so handy now.  I also put up some of my decorative objects on the walls, and improvised some 'light fixtures' across the fabric storage area because the bookshelves block the light from the main ceiling fixture.

The last big thing to do is to put up the design wall, which is going on the backs of the bookcases.  We went to the DIY store on Saturday and bought eight small sheets of expanded polystyrene one-inch thick, and I picked up a couple of cheap brushed cotton sheets from Matalan to cover them.  It would be better to have one big sheet but that wouldn't fit in the car. I'm going to tape the sheets together with duct tape and then screw the whole thing to the back of the bookshelves.  At least that's the plan, hopefully it will work.

I had a nice surprise this week: I received a prize in the post that I won from a dollhouse magazine competition.  It's two stitching kits from Janet Granger for an elephant tea cosy and a tea tray with stitched cloth, all in 1:12 scale for the dollshouse.

I've planned out what I would like to do with the dollhouse room, which is basically to install secondhand kitchen cupboard with worktop on them to support the display of houses while also providing storage.  I've started to hunt for secondhand cabinets on eBay.

I also finished putting together my two cross-stitched christmas cards.  The canvas turned out to be too small to fit the apertures of the card blanks that I had, so I improvised by fraying the edges and gluing them to some christmas fabric first.

Yesterday DH had the day off and we went down to London for the day.  I can travel 'free' on my season ticket but we had to book ahead for his ticket.  We had a fun day enjoying the capital all dressed up for Christmas.  The first thing we did was head down east to the new cable car that goes across the Thames.  We did a return trip and enjoyed the spectacular views of the Millennium dome, the Olympic Park, Docklands, the river, the Thames Barrier etc.  I read in the paper that the cable car operators aren't getting anything like the traffic levels they had hoped for. Based on our experience, I would say that it is the price (£6.60 return discounted with an Oyster card) which compares unfavourably to the Tube for crossing the river, and the lack of training for the ticket clerk who was so clueless that we gave up and bought a ticket from the machine instead.

We went to DH's favourite bookstore, Skoob, had a lovely Chinese lunch at the nearby Hare & Tortoise, went to the Constable exhibition at the V&A (I enjoyed it, DH thought it was all gloomy and boring), walked through Leicester Square where they were welcoming stars to the world premiere of The Hobbit part 3 behind a lot of barriers, to Fortnum & Mason for some christmas shopping, then enjoyed the christmas lights at Covent Garden before heading back to St Pancras station to dine on the heated patio at the Betjeman Arms.

  People looked like they were having fun on the outdoor skating rink at the Natural History Museum.

 Gingerbread Houses at Fortnum and Mason - god knows how much they cost, because I looked at a single decorated biscuit and it was £8!!!

The christmas tree at Covent Garden.

I wanted a portable knitting project to take on the day to London, so I started a new pair of Fetchings using some Debbie Bliss Merino Aran I had in my stash.  I find I am wearing my original pair a lot because they are so warm.

I took a three-day break from knitting this week to rest up my sore hands and to see if that helped any.  It was really hard for me, watching TV just seemed such a waste of time when I wasn't knitting.  My hands are somewhat better and I am trying to take more breaks and stretch more. Dr Google suggests that it might be osteoarthritis - yay.

I realised after a few charts of my Seven-pointed star Tam that I hadn't increased enough after the ribbing band. I was looking at other projects on Ravelry and someone pointed out in their comments that the increase instructions were confusing, and that's when I realised.  So I had to pull it back to the band and start over again, but it's coming on well now. I really like the colours, very christmassy.

And the rest of the time off has been spent on working on the house: I've installed new locks on the three study windows and also installed the new blinds that I had previously ordered.  They're pretty cool because they are a new type of blind that has two panels of horizontal bars separated by mesh, and if you pull the cord you can either set it to be a solid blind or to be alternating bands of mesh and solid allowing you to see outside.  Or you can raise the whole blind up out of the way.

Short week this week because we are having a Christmas lunch at work tomorrow so hopefully not having to return to the office afterwards, and I have Thursday off.  Thursday I will be making final preparations for my craft fair debut on Saturday.  I hope I actually sell something after all the hours I've put into planning my display.

Christmas is coming!  I hope you are getting into the Christmas spirit.


Sue said...

I love how your sewing room turned out! I'm glad you were able to make the pegboard work. It looks great. Oh and to have your storage area!

Daisy said...

Your sewing area looks amazing!

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