Saturday, 29 August 2015

Extra Post 2: More unpacking of dollshouses

I've been on holiday this week from work, and I've spent several hours each day unpacking dollshouses, dollshouse stash, and trying to organise it all.  It's all been a bit chaotic because in our last real house, most of the stash had to stay in the attic which made it difficult to keep organised and it all turned into a bit of a gloryhole.  Then the last two and half years, I was accumulating stuff independent of the stash which was in storage while we moved house. And to top it off, I lost a dear friend last year and inherited her not inconsiderable stash as well.

I have to confess there were a few days this week where I was very heavy of heart, and feeling very overwhelmed and burdened down by the sheer amount of stuff. My new dollshouse room became increasingly trashed with stuff piled everywhere waiting for homes or waiting to be grouped like with like. Plus there were some very sad moments as I unpacked my friend's stash and recognised many projects we had done side by side at our former dollshouse club, or gifts that I had given her or she had given to me.

But I persevered, and DH helped by taking moutains of bubblewrap, tissue paper and cardboard to the recycling station. Eventually the last box and house was unpacked and the pipeline of bits and pieces needing to be grouped came to an end.  Then I could start looking at how much I had of each type, and how that could be stored.  I went out to a bargain store called QD and picked up five big cereal containers which (with lids discarded) made great containers for the strip wood, mouldings, balsa, sheet wood, and round sticks. I also got some plastic shoe boxes and big tupperwares. And I've ordered some plastic underbed boxes online which will fit into the cupboards for storing excess furniture.

Just some of the many cardboard boxes

The typical gloryhole needing untangling

Horrible mess of wood stash being sorted on counter, yet another heartsinking box being opened.

Piles and rubbish all over the floor

But after a lot of hard work, it is largely under control now.  Today I spent a couple of hours sorting all the smaller accessories into labelled boxes, so the only big job left is to sort all the tiny metal hinges, door knobs, beads and findings.  When the bedboxes arrive, I will unpack all the furniture boxes and sort them out into the new boxes, and hopefully the wallpaper as well.

I'm not going to make any hasty decisions, but I think some of my older projects may need to be re-homed or dismantled. I think it may be time to streamline the collection to the things I really like.

More houses and room boxes

1:24 scale Thatched cottage

Oops, kitchen chair needs a bit of attention!

Straightened up - several pieces of furniture had fallen over but only the chair was broken

1:12 conservatory - very hard to get all the wrapping out of the front french doors, and it was all a bit tumbled about inside.

1:12 attic room

No damage as everything was glued down. This is one of the projects that I may try to find a new home for.

1:12 Christmas scene in cling film to keep the dust off.

1:24 Fisherman's Rest Tea Rooms

Oh dear, earthquake in the tea room, but the English ladies are keeping a stiff upper lip about it.

Straightened out and on display

Hobbit hole spilling out of a copy of the Hobbit, Gandalf however has taken a tumble.

Another 1:12 Christmas scene inside a very battered gift bag.

1:24 Georgian house, unfinished.

I bought this Georgian house and I've never been able to decide if it is whimsically rustic or just crudely made. I was going to try to furnish it as if it were 1810 but got a bit discouraged at how rough everything is.

Cute 1:48 house, just needed a bit of straightening up.

Oh dear, 1:12 bookend scene has a broken table leg and the cat's tail has snapped off!  I've glued the table, and DH superglued the cat's tail (superglue hates me and never dries when I try to use it)

1:12 Georgian room box I made on the Mulvaney's workshop
With its Art Nouveau furniture unwrapped.

1:12 1930s hair salon which was my friend's unfinished project

1:48 New Orleans townhouse - this is in a right state and to be honest I just shut the front again, I will sort it out another time.

1:12 Room box fantasy of my dream room

1:48 Halloween house - I've since bought some more halloweeney accessory kits for this that I need to put together.

The growing pile of accessories needing sorting.

Furniture kits above, wallpaper below.

There was more, but I stopped taking pictures because I was so overwhelmed. Mostly smaller projects and 1:48 scenes.

There's one more house, my biggest house, to unwrap - the one I call the Vic-war-gency house because the time periods are so muddled in it. But I think it is safer in its box until the kitchen fitter has come back to re-do the plinth, which hopefully will be in the next couple of weeks.

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