Sunday, 6 December 2015

Starting to feel a bit Christmas-sy

We spent a few hours today at the Dickens christmas fair in Olney, an attractive market town full of period buildings. We were a bit surprised at how many people were there, the whole town was full and parked cars lined the streets for a mile or so out of town. It was quite Christmas-sy with brass bands, choirs, lots of holly wreaths and mistletoe, mince pies, mulled wine, and loads of craft fairs, market stalls, a farmers market, and stalls lining the pavements. It was almost too crowded really, and although I enjoyed looking around, I  was quite tired by the time we left.

Today also is the two-year anniversary of selling our last house, so we spent some time reminiscing about how wonderful it felt to finally complete that stage of our lives after months of striving and frustration. We had a look at our old house on Google Satellite, it looks like they cut down the wonderful apple tree in the garden - vandals.

The afternoon was rounded off by taking our cat to the vet, because she's been getting heavier even though we are still feeding the diet recommended by the cat shelter. The vet confirmed that she is actually fat now, and put her on a diet. She also has to go to 'cat weight watchers' once a month to weigh in and be assessed. But at least there didn't seem to be any underlying health problems which is a relief. Plus she's not pregnant which was another thing I was worried about because she is supposed to be spayed.

Because I blogged late last week, on Tuesday, there is not a lot to report on the craft front.  The only new things are that I've started a sleeve for my Rowan Summer Tweed Cardigan after procrastinating about it for a few months; and I've dug out a quilt pattern that I bought in Sisters in 2007 called 'Let it Snow' which features snowball blocks and appliqued and pieced snowmen. I had also collected some fabrics to go with it, and today I picked out many more from my stash.  I think I will start it as a winter project. I'm basing my version on a scrappy version that I photographed in the exhibition at Sisters. The actual pattern is fairly plain, but the exhibitor had really jazzed it up with lots of scrappy fabric choices.

DS is back home now for the Christmas holidays, it feels a bit odd to have a third person in the house. I suppose if this had been his childhood home then we wouldn't feel that way, but we moved in here while he was at uni and he's only come here for school holidays. It is lovely to have him back of course. The house research that I was doing last week revealed that one of the families who lived here in Edwardian times had eight children, and another family had five children. They also had one or two servants who probably lived in up on the attic floor where my knitting/machine knitting rooms are now. So there would have been a lot more occupants in the past.

Are you starting to feel a bit Christmas-sy?  Our office christmas party is on Friday and the theme is 'wear something sparkly', so I spent some time today sewing sequins onto an evening jacket that I got cheap in the sales a few years ago because it had bald patches where some sequins had snagged off.  I filled in the bald patches with sequins and repaired several more places where the thread had broken and sequins had started to fall off.  It's incredibly fragile but it is very sparkly.

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