Saturday, 22 October 2016

Quick update

My weekend is a bit busy so just a quick update.

I'm still waiting for my new overlocker foot pedal (apparently they are awaiting stock) but by damaging the rocker switch a bit more, I was able to get the overlocker to turn on for long enough to sew the second arm/body seam on my One Hour Top.  Now I just need to finish the hems with the twin needle on the sewing machine.

I also layered up my Whirligig tablecloth with its backing, sewed around it and turned it through pillowcase style, and stitched around the outside close to the edge.  Then I stretched it out and pinned it up ready for some stabilising stitching through the middle.  As it is going to be a tablecloth, I didn't use any wadding.

I fused on the little houses for the other side of my quilted tea cosy that I showed a pic of last week.  The next step will be do add the feature stitching in black thread which adds all the details on the houses, roof shingles, door panels etc. using some thin wadding or felt behind the face fabric.

On the knitting front, I got quite a lot done on my purple lace shawl during a waffly lecture at my garden club on Thursday night. It was old school with no slides, which was good for knitting because the lights remained on.  I've run another lifeline through the stitches as I had added another three inches or so since the previous lifeline.  I've also started a cottage tea cosy from Let's Knitting magazine. The original is quite cute, mine will look a bit different because I am using yarn from stash. Also my teapot seems to be larger so I've had to rip back the two sides and re-knit the shaped top to add more length.

I've done a bit more on my Idrija lace doiley but not very much.

The cat has stayed out of the derelict basement, hurrah, and the scaffolding is now coming down which should permanently remove her means of access.

And that's about it!

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