Sunday, 11 December 2016

On track for Christmas

When I was younger I felt aghast at older people sighing about Christmas for various reasons: the commercialism, the expense, the treadmill of chores and cooking demanded by tradition, they didn't want any gifts because they didn't need any more stuff, etc. etc.

Another sign of my middle-agedness (as if I needed more signs, lol) is that Christmas has come to feel a bit like a long list of chores which must be completed by an immovable deadline; but this year (touch wood) I feel like I am on track.  This week we christmasfied the house, including a lovely tall tree; we bought a turkey and some trimmings for the freezer yesterday (learned my lesson in previous years about leaving that one too late!) as well as a bunch of other treats; I wrote my cards yesterday; and I've ordered or shopped for gifts for almost everyone. I'm knitting away on the Night Before Christmas KAL and I'm even quilting the Christmas panel I bought.  It's been a busy week but I feel good, and looking forward to the holiday.

DH thought the cat might want to get in the mood as well

I've turned the panel through using the pillowcase method and now 
it's pinned up ready for some quilting.

The Night Before Christmas knit along, I'm
knitting hard trying to catch up with the main group

Earlier in the week I grafted my Gilmore Girls Cowl so it is now finished.  I like how it's turned out but I do find the Rowan Hemp Tweed (the main yarn) a bit scratchy on my neck.  I may need to reblock it and add some fabric conditioner to see if that helps.

On my day off I was 'planting' greenery around the Shed Project and adding various details like moss on the stepping stones and planting up the urn. I made the trees and bushes myself using the electric drill and wire method which is featured on YouTube if you search on 'bottlebrush trees' only I used brush bristles instead of frayed rope. I think the outside is just about done, I just need to add the garden seat to the trellis and some gardening tools.  Then I will need to furnish the inside of the shed, always the least important bit for me, I prefer the structures.

When I tried on the pyjama trousers I cut out last weekend, after basting them together, they were enormous. I reduced the width by a couple of inches by pleating the middle of the pattern and re-cut them smaller. The legs are good now but the abdomen is a bit snug.  They are wearable, and I have been wearing them this week, but for next time I have slashed the pattern to open up some more width in that area.  I should be able to cut future pairs out of quilt fabric but it will need almost 2.5m which is more than I keep in my stash apart from backing.  I'm going to go to the Fabric Guild in Leicester before they move locations and investigate their Moving Sale to see if anything says 'pyjamas' (or 'I need to come home with you').

We went to our two club christmas evenings this past week, and this coming week are the work 'do's.  My team are doing a pizza lunch at work one day and then going out for lunch at a restaurant on Friday.  We get Friday afternoon off which is nice.  Then I'm back at work the following week just for a few days and then home for a week over Christmas - yay!  And this year we can enjoy Christmas just the three of us as we are visiting the in-laws in advance of the holiday, so no long drives on Christmas or Boxing Day nor any guests to entertain.  I know those are both parts of many people's Christmas traditions but we like nothing better than a quiet cosy Christmas at home enjoying our hobbies and just relaxing.

Hope you are on track for your Christmas, whatever kind it is, and looking forward to fitting in some craft time over the holiday as well.

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